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Kailas Fuga Ex Trail Running Shoes Review

When it comes to trail running, having the right...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Insect Farming for Food

The UN FAO or the Food and Agriculture Organization promote insects as part of the sustainability benefits.

The Thai Vegetarian Festival- September 25th- October 4th

What is The Thai Vegetarian Festival? It's one of the most auspicious and frankly intriguing events in the calendar year.  It attracts crowds from all...

How to Ask an Asian Girl out According to...

Find out how to ask an Asian Girl out without being that creepy foreign guy in Asia as revealed by an Asian girl herself. Now, you don’t want to get dating tips from an egotistical, creepy dude who probably thinks dating Asian women is economic charity. You need an actual Asian girl’s perspective. After all, that’s who you’re trying to impress?

The guide to Buddhist tradition, orange-robes and making merit...

As a visitor to Thailand for the first time; the experiences, food, people, religion and culture can be a little overwhelming and resemble a wonderland of mystical adventure. Orange-robed monks are seen early each morning receiving their offerings from local people in the communities that surround their temples: the monks are keepers of animals and the centre of the religion that is observed by over 95% of the population. Thāmbūn, alms, the adornment of temples, blessings, offerings, incense and spirit houses – what does it all mean?


The Lombok Riviera – Is this the new Phuket?

White, kilometer-long and often deserted sandy beaches, green hills, high volcanoes and turquoise blue sea at tropical temperatures. This is how the island of Lombok presents itself. 

Cashless society – Are we there yet?

Amidst the fallout of Covid-19, there’s a new ‘new normal’ becoming more prominent. Is the world heading towards a total cashless society? 

English Coffee Shop In Bangkok

A trip back to England in 2019, pre-Covid. A walking  tour around the historic Royal City of Bath. A traditional Afternoon Tea. Scones and...

Real Estate

Award Party for Phuket’s Top Real Estate Agencies

Friday 19th of November saw Utopia Corporation celebrating Phuket’s top agencies with a Poolside award party at the Utopia Naiharn Resort.The award party saw...

Phuket Tourism & Real Estate Recovery

Tourism is clearly a big part of Thailand's economy. Globally, Phuket is actually the third most popular beach island destination in the world and...

What Villa Can You Get For A Million Dollars

Location location location - and a million US dollars Phuket time and time again has launched itself to the top of the relocation list. It’s...

Guaranteed Returns in Phuket, Thailand

Tips about the Phuket Real Estate Market What is a Guaranteed Return? When searching for property in Phuket you’ll keep coming across “Guaranteed Returns” offered to you time and time again but what does that actually mean? The “Guaranteed...