Tourism markets have halted all over the world. People are looking to unload assets and cash is king. “Buy when there’s blood in the street even when it's your own” Real estate in Southeast Asia has not ground to a halt...

Being a street seller is not easy, check out how tough they are when you need to live on the street.

If paradise has a face, it would surely resemble the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Myanmar. A natural and cultural wonder situated at the heart of Asia. The best part? It is yet to be explored.. The serenity & peace of beaches, the beauty...

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Globally – Thailand Ranks Second For Covid-19 Recovery

Statistics say that Thailand ranks Second in the world for the highest Covid-19 recovery

According to a report issued by the Global COVID-19 Index (GCI)...

This anti Covid-19 Zombie video from the Thai government is hilarious!

This Thai Government video will have you creasing with laughter

Thai humour is amazing and so are the people - The department of Mental Health...

Grim predictions for Thailand’s tourism recovery

'new normal' procedure predictions are forecasting difficult times ahead. The country’s crucial tourism industry contributes around 18% of Thailand’s GDP.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Insect Farming for Food

The UN FAO or the Food and Agriculture Organization promote insects as part of the sustainability benefits.

Traditional Asian Home Remedies

Traditional Asian health care routine with Thi Chi, healthy foods and massage.

What Villa Can You Get For A Million Dollars

Location location location - and a million US dollars Phuket time and time again has launched itself to the top of the relocation list. It’s...