As a visitor to Thailand for the first time; the experiences, food, people, religion and culture can be a little overwhelming and resemble a wonderland of mystical adventure. Orange-robed monks are seen early each morning receiving their offerings from local people in the communities that surround their temples: the monks are keepers of animals and the centre of the religion that is observed by over 95% of the population. Thāmbūn, alms, the adornment of temples, blessings, offerings, incense and spirit houses – what does it all mean?

Pictures emerged of South Koreans pictured queuing as far as the eye can see for masks outside a hospital  in Daegu.

Future Challenges Well, apart from the health issues and loss of human life, which will come up, if the virus...

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Grim predictions for Thailand’s tourism recovery

'new normal' procedure predictions are forecasting difficult times ahead. The country’s crucial tourism industry contributes around 18% of Thailand’s GDP.

This anti Covid-19 Zombie video from the Thai government is hilarious!

This Thai Government video will have you creasing with laughter

Thai humour is amazing and so are the people - The department of Mental Health...

Board of travelling downwind?

Asia isn’t a destination that automatically springs to mind as a kiteboarding mecca, but with its warm waters and seasonal winds, Thailand and its surrounding countries boast some ideal spots to learn this exciting sport. Kiteboarding is relatively new in its current form and combines aspects from other thrilling sports: wakeboarding, skateboarding, sailing, surfing, paragliding, windsurfing and snowboarding.

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Even before he arrived at the Haven, the little chap had...

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