Chefs without Kitchens – Steven Black

The 9th Floor continues its ‘Chefs Without Kitchens’ to counter the Covid Blues!

Like Picasso without a paint-brush or Shakespeare bereft of his beloved quill,...

Thais in the UK – The difficulties of people returning home during the pandemic.

Thai doctor - Ekaphum Chamnanrabiabkij based in the UK since 1997, is a practising doctor in the county of Oxfordshire, England. Dr Ekaphum has become a spokesperson for Thai citizens currently stranded in the UK. Thai and long term residents have been eagerly looking to return home to Thailand during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thousands Of South Koreans Queuing For Masks

Pictures emerged of South Koreans pictured queuing as far as the eye can see for masks outside a hospital  in Daegu.

Future Challenges Well, apart from...







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