Asia doesn’t have a particularly good reputation where the kind treatment of animals is concerned. But the good news is, there are some hugely well-respected sanctuaries for lost, abandoned, abused, injured and disabled animals across the region.

Looking to isolate in style? When prospecting for the perfect island getaway, price can be a key factor. There's a lot of other boxes that need to be ticked.

Become a better parent, partner, and entrepreneur You run a business, run your household, and barely sleep 6 hours a night. Feeling tired as it is, IF you find one hour to spare per day; why spend time getting into...

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Globally – Thailand Ranks Second For Covid-19 Recovery

Statistics say that Thailand ranks Second in the world for the highest Covid-19 recovery

According to a report issued by the Global COVID-19 Index (GCI)...

This anti Covid-19 Zombie video from the Thai government is hilarious!

This Thai Government video will have you creasing with laughter

Thai humour is amazing and so are the people - The department of Mental Health...

Grim predictions for Thailand’s tourism recovery

'new normal' procedure predictions are forecasting difficult times ahead. The country’s crucial tourism industry contributes around 18% of Thailand’s GDP.

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A helping hand with well water and community prosperity

Today, Cambodia is on most travellers bucket-list of places to visit, a relatively unexplored country that boasts a tropical climate, seemingly endless temples and occupied with fiercely proud and friendly people. 2018 saw almost two million tourists visit this ancient area of the country. The most famed era of history is between the 9th- and 15th-centuries during the Kymer rule. Many families that live in rural areas earn less than $2.00 per day, which doesn’t allow them the luxury of affording education or simple drinking water wells.

Real estate investment market in Southeast Asia during Covid-19

Tourism markets have halted all over the world. People are looking to unload assets and cash is king. “Buy when there’s blood in the street...

Hidden Paradise: Palawan, Philippines

The journey to Balabac Group of Islands is not for the faint-hearted since you would be traversing in the opposite direction of the current to reach these remote places. Phone signals are intermittent and electricity on the major islands are on a scheduled basis only, so, this could be the perfect getaway destination where you can disconnect from the rest of the busy world.