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Best Swimming Pool Builder in Thailand

PebbleTec®, the long-lasting natural stone swimming pool finish is launched in Thailand

Lavish swimming pools are commonplace in Thailand, but quality finishes are few and far between. Lewis Jones founded Paradise Pool Interiors to bridge the gap and supply long-lasting pool interiors to homeowners across the Kingdom.

For decades, local and international investors have been building properties in popular tropical destinations across Thailand. Phuket and other coastal towns are the most sought after destinations that boast sprawling mansions as they nestle on the white sandy shores of the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman Sea. Swimming pools are the defining jewel of any luxury home but can be costly and quickly fall into a state of disrepair if they are not expertly maintained.

Asa Marsh has been in real estate sales for many years and is more often than not surprised at the condition of many swimming pools. Thailand’s temperate weather wreaks havoc with swimming pool finishes, whether it’s pool linings, tiles or terrazzo; nothing, until now, has managed to stave off the blazing sunshine, salty air and monsoon rains. Cracked or missing tiles, dirty grouting, sagging liners, and fractured terrazzo are all too common. PebbleTec® is proving to be a cost-effective solution for long-lasting pool finishes. Property investors, developers and homeowners are excited that the quartz finish will revolutionise pool construction in Asia.

Lewis Jones, the founder of Paradise Pool Interiors, is the only licensed seller and installer of PebbleTec® in the country. He explains that the finish is almost diamond-strength. It is not a new product; it’s been used in luxury pools across the United States, Europe and Australia for over 40 years. It is fast becoming the go-to choice for domestic and commercial developers. The natural stone is available in various colours. Home or resort owners can choose the depth of colour in the water tone.

Swimming Pool Services

Paradise Pool Interiors offer services from the ground up. They offer full planning, excavation and build services and can accommodate salt, chlorine or fresh water pools. The makeup of PebbleTec® means that designs can be a myriad of shapes or contain any feature, unlike tiled pools with structural restrictions. The PebbleTec® aggregate is used for pool renovation projects and new builds. The materials are 100 per cent natural polished quartz stone, distributed from Europe and Australia exclusively to licensed applicators worldwide. Paradise Pool Interiors has a comprehensive aftercare service that includes pool maintenance.

The application of PebbleTec® takes a matter of days which is particularly important for hotel and resort builds or upgrades. When the pool interiors are finished, the fine pebble lining has a unique appeal, is natural looking and has a non-slip and textured finish. There are no dangers of fibreglass delimitation, loose and lifting tiles, failing plaster or the need to re-grout. Lewis Jones stands by his product and offers a comprehensive five-year guarantee for pool refurbishments and a staggering 10-years for new build pools.

Paradise Pool Interiors has partnered with Asia Lifestyle Magazine and offers a special discount if you enquire via this article.


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