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Asia Lifestyle Magazine is a leading authority on business, lifestyle, property, and entrepreneurs in the region. The magazine was founded by one of Asia’s leading real estate enterprises. The digital platform has expanded from a niche marketing platform endorsed by discerning real estate buyers to a much-admired and encouraging network of business professionals.

Since its conception in 2018, Asia Lifestyle Magazine has harnessed tens of thousands of contacts from around the world. The founder and entrepreneurial publisher is frequently invited to some of the most exciting product, business and sporting launches in the region. His team creates intelligently written features, conducts interesting interviews and pens persuasive advertorials.

The content team flawlessly blends storytelling and messaging to form interesting articles or advertorials that embrace industry predictions, foresight, education and unique selling points without sounding like a typical sales advert. The permanent topics in Asia Lifestyle Magazine are entertainment, lifestyle, business, travel, yachting, food, interesting people, real estate, and technology.

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Asia Lifestyle Magazine was originally created as a marketing platform. We don’t do heavy mass mailing since Covid-19, however we still have a few tricks up our sleeve. Check out our unique marketing options on our Advertisers page.

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We welcome article submissions from content contributors across Asia. Most of the content Asia Lifestyle Magazine publishes is from content contributors. Create an account on our registration page to be eligible for submissions.

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