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  • Be featured in Asia’s fastest growing online magazine. 
  • Gain awareness by reaching tens of thousands of potential customers. 
  • Reach the Expat community with valuable storytelling content.

Born from the client list of Award Winning Southeast Asian Real Estate Company Easy Living Phuket. (Top 10 Real Estate Company Southeast Asia 2018)

Originally created as an information source to keep property investors engaged, Asia Lifestyle Magazine was sent en-mass via email. Lists generated from years of real estate marketing campaigns have built a solid and affluent foundation of readers.

Covid-19 pushed Social Media to be introduced in the business model, proving very popular with older Expats using Facebook, located throughout Asia. Our raw, story telling style articles and videos reach tens of thousands of views per video.

Interesting content.

Articles and Videos aim to show the inspiration of a business or project, the selling points, insights about the people who made it or are now running it, foresights, predictions or goals for the future, without looking or sounding like an advert. 

With such a wealthy foundation, it makes it an amazing opportunity for anyone featured. With the added benefit of paid ads to really reach maximum potential. 


Videos are done with simple equipment, keeping a raw feel to the video but always keeping an easy to watch quality. Interviews are rarely rehearsed to give an ‘off the cuff’, unscripted, natural vibe, like the person who is watching was actually there. 

Articles are best written by the subject themselves and edited by our team later, as no one knows what you want written but you. If you want content writing provided then we can arrange something separately. (Check out our partner website Easy Business Asia for content writing HERE)


Lifetime 1,000+ word article and video for ฿20,000 ($600 usd) reaching our entire wealthy client base. 

We understand however the current situation, so we are offering a barter for certain industries.

Our servers and website do need maintaining, so contact us for a custom offer as we have divided our services that you can choose from including;

  • Content Writing
  • Video
  • Email-Shots
  • Strategic Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Banner Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing

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