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Concept & Reader Base

In 2018 my real estate company reached top ten
in southeast Asia. Endless campaigns gathered
thousands and thousands of inquiries, not just
about property but the surrounding areas.
Questions like – Where are the best places to eat?
– A good destination for a long weekend? – What’s
the best company to X.Y.Z.. The questions were

Asia Lifestyle Magazine was a way to digitally
connect with these people.
This base audience has money, as they were
originally looking at real estate, however the
narrative of the magazine is wider than property.
Capturing the lifestyle of living & travel across

With such a wealthy foundation, it makes it an
amazing opportunity for anyone featured.
For a digital magazine in its infancy, each article
achieves around 800 to 2000+ readers
organically, we then further that reach with our
extensive email lists.

Articles aim to show the inspiration of a business
or project, the selling points, insights about the
people who made it or are now running it,
foresights, predictions or goals for the future,
without reading like an advert. Interesting

Asa Marsh – Magazine Founder

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