Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Award Party for Phuket’s Top Real Estate Agencies

Friday 19th of November saw Utopia Corporation celebrating Phuket’s top agencies with a Poolside award party at the Utopia Naiharn Resort.The award party saw recent recognitions as well as backdated awards from before covid, as this was the first time such a ceremony was allowed since the pandemic first started. Positive signs that the popular Thai resort island Phuket is getting back in to full swing.

Asa Marsh, the Managing Director of Easy Living Phuket Co., Ltd and founder of Asia Lifestyle Magazine collected yet another award on behalf of his Real Estate & Lifestyle company, saying;

“Thanks to all our clients that have trusted us to find them the best property investments over the years”

“Also thank you to the Utopia Corporation for recognising the hard work that we and all the other agencies have done”

Thailand’s real estate market for foreigners was turned upside down during covid-19. The tourism based market relied heavily on a constant flow of new buyers looking to invest and capitalise on the popularity of the Thai resort paradises like Phuket.

Phuket is beginning to see tourism slowly return, but with so many empty hotel rooms available and no crystal ball to say when the island will return to having a steady flow of millions of tourists again, property owners have not only dropped their rental rates but started listing their properties at sensible sales prices.

“New property buyers are recently faced with opportunity at every turn, if you’ve ever been thinking about owning a property in Thailand, the time is now, says Asa Marsh”

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