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What Villa Can You Get For A Million Dollars

“‘rim-flow pools and unobstructed mountain views”

Location location location – and a million US dollars

Phuket time and time again has launched itself to the top of the relocation list. It’s steady expat community and high quality facilities have made it the first choice of many for permanent living. (read here)

Where to buy in Phuket?

“‘rim-flow pools and unobstructed mountain views”

Everyone is different but whether you’re looking to frequent the airport for business travel or an easy school run with kid friendly entertainment spots, if you have the money, Manik Hillside located in the heart of Phuket’s picturesque mountains might hold the answer.

What can you get for a million dollars?

Not your typical Thai or Balinese Style development. Designed by Khun Namfon Kanjanasaya to give owners the sense of community coupled with ultimate privacy.

Modern customizable interiors with rim-flow pools and unobstructed mountain views. This small 15 villa development offers the ultimate peaceful and safe environment. Buyers enjoy 3 or 4 Bedroom Villa’s starting from 380 Sqm. Single or double story options available. (Click “here” to see a 360 walkthrough)

Within just 7 kilometers, this high-end villa estate has a plethora of facilities to choose from – Grocery shopping, fine dine and picturesque beaches hosting famous beach clubs. The new Blue Tree Water Park is another added bonus, offering world class family entertainment park as well as restaurants and retail outlets minutes away, along with the prestigious British International School a little bit further..

Cofounded by the Ceramic of Phuket sisters. 

The ‘successful in business’ sisters turned property developers, wanted to explore different styles and architecture commonly found in Phuket. 

Keri Van Velzen the project manager of Manick Hillside development says their strategy is “building villa by villa” 

Giving them the ability to eliminate over stretching of construction resources. The slow and steady method is a welcome sight to many looking to pay in stages, living next door to your neighbours villa being built for a few months is much more preferable to losing money to an unfinished project.”

Purchasing Property in Thailand doesn’t have to be complicated at all. With the advice from a good lawyer the process can be very easy.

For More Information – Contact Manik Hillside Directly.

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