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Chefs Without Kitchens at the 9th Floor


The 9th Floor continues its ‘Chefs Without Kitchens’ promotion to counter the Covid Blues!

Like Picasso without a paint-brush or Shakespeare bereft of his beloved quill, a master chef without a kitchen in which to work his culinary magic is a sorry sight indeed.                                                                              But fear not, the ever-resourceful and innovative 9th Floor Restaurant and Bar in Patong is counteracting these trying times with a series of ‘Chefs Without Kitchens’ promotions in which they showcase some of Thailand’s foremost culinary masters doing what they do best…………. making us all laugh and enjoy ourselves again with magical cuisine and shared fun times.

Each month, the famous 9th Floor Restaurant situated in the heart of Patong brings in a top, Thailand-based chef, to prepare a fabulous menu and showcase their magical talents.

The choice of these top chefs features both those currently without work, as well as those stranded at home because their normal kitchen is closed, even though they may still be employed.

Chefs Without Kitchens in October

On October 1st, 2nd and 3rd – The 9th Floor is delighted to welcome 30-year culinary veteran Richard Sawyer (former) Director of Culinary at the iconic St. Regis Hotel in Bangkok where he has been instrumental in curating a world of epicurean experiences for their guests.

British-born and trained Chef Richard brings a vast international experience to The 9th Floor’s ground-breaking event, spanning high level culinary positions in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, London, the USA and Germany.                                                              A considerable period of his career was spent in London as Head Chef of a number of outstanding restaurants such as Circus Restaurant and Bar, Soho; The Wolseley, Piccadilly; Mon Plaisir Restaurant, Covent Garden and others. 

From 2002 until 2004, Richard also managed his own French-style bistro in East Sussex called Sawyers Bistro.                                                                                                            From all this, Richard has gained a strong foundation and a worldly perspective on the full range of culinary arts.

Future Chefs Without Kitchens Promotions 

Every month the 9th Floor will bring you another stellar ‘Chef Without Kitchen’ preparing another specially-crafted gourmet sensation, and ten percent of every menu price goes to a charity chosen by the month’s celebrity chef.                                                                                                                   What could be better than that…. beat the Coved blues by enjoying fabulous food and wine, in glorious surroundings while helping out those in need?

To book a table or get more info, send the 9th Floor a message below


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