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Award Party for Phuket’s Top Real Estate Agencies

Friday 19th of November saw Utopia Corporation celebrating Phuket’s top agencies with a Poolside award party at the Utopia Naiharn Resort.The award party saw...

Phuket Tourism & Real Estate Recovery

Tourism is clearly a big part of Thailand's economy. Globally, Phuket is actually the third most popular beach island destination in the world and...

Food Handouts Still Needed In Parts Of Thailand

As European countries are in their second round of lockdowns, Thailand still seems to have dodged a bullet for deaths and infections, but at...

Grim predictions for Thailand’s tourism recovery

'new normal' procedure predictions are forecasting difficult times ahead. The country’s crucial tourism industry contributes around 18% of Thailand’s GDP.

The hidden paradise of Myanmar – Is it ready for the...

If paradise has a face, it would surely resemble the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Myanmar. A natural and cultural wonder situated at the heart of...