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Award Party for Phuket’s Top Real Estate Agencies

Friday 19th of November saw Utopia Corporation celebrating Phuket’s top agencies with a Poolside award party at the Utopia Naiharn Resort.The award party saw...

Phuket Tourism & Real Estate Recovery

Tourism is clearly a big part of Thailand's economy. Globally, Phuket is actually the third most popular beach island destination in the world and...

Shambhala Grand Villa, Phuket

Nestled into the bustling suburb of Cherngtalay on the north-west coast of Phuket lies an unexpected haven of peace and tranquillity.The Shambhala Grand...

Relocating to Asia With Money

After millions being limited to the confines of their own home during lockdown - the adage ‘it’s just a bed’ carries less weight. People...

What Villa Can You Get For A Million Dollars

Location location location - and a million US dollars Phuket time and time again has launched itself to the top of the relocation list. It’s...

Real estate investment market in Southeast Asia during Covid-19

Tourism markets have halted all over the world. People are looking to unload assets and cash is king. “Buy when there’s blood in the street...