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Squat Toilet! Asian do have a strong hamstring!


There are different types of toilet system around the world. The most common type is by inculcating a bowl into the toilet. But have you ever heard of the squat toilet? If you haven’t heard one or seen one. The squat toilet is a kind of latrine system where the user squats instead of sitting. 

A bit odd isn’t it? But there are countries that use this kind of latrine system in their household. 

If you ever visited a country with a squat toilet and you don’t know how to use it, then you have come to the right place. I can provide you with some information on how to use the squat toilet so you wouldn’t embarrassed in using it. 

There are a few things that you ought to remember though. You got to have the right position in using the squat toilet. You can use the usual position where you can turn your back or you can even face the toilet. You can even experiment in using the squat toilet, maybe you can use the sideways position for a change. 

Now that you have assumed your position, then you can let nature and some few muscles in your body to do the work. This step isn’t really far from what you usually do in the usual latrine system. And you can still bring your newspaper, magazines and even your phone for some added entertainment while letting nature take its course.

After you have done your business then the most crucial step is next, which is cleaning. How do you do it? Would you use the same method as western countries do? Here’s the thing, there are places that have squat toilets that do not have any toilet paper. No toilet paper so you have to use water to clean up. 

Instead of toilet paper, there are sprayers or water in most squat toilets. You can use those to clean yourself. If you are not that familiar with this splashing water while wiping it with your hand. Simple as that, splash then wipe, make sure to wash your hands with soap. 

After you have cleaned yourself then the next step is to flush. There are squat toilets that are provided with handles to flush the wastes down. But there are places where the only present equipment that you are going to use is a pail or a bucket. Or in other cases to make it easier for you, there are squat toilets that have pedals on them.

These pedals are used to flush water. But if you are given the bucket then all you have to do is to pour the water into the squat toilet, easy as that. Remember that you have to make the toilet clean for the next user. 

So if you encounter a toilet like the squat toilet, you will now know how to use one without looking like an amateur. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be a happy man in the toilet. 

Pattarasuda Siripan
Pattarasuda Siripan
Born in Thailand, passionate about travel and loves to learn.

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