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Asia Pacific’s First Ethical Recruitment Consultancy

Striving to make the world a better place, one job at a time

Teresa Romanovsky is the pioneering silver lining of Careers For Purpose, Asia Pacific’s first ethical recruitment consultancy. She seamlessly weaves her business intentions and personal ambitions together to create a positive future for the planet and its inhabitants. She helps companies and individuals make the world a better, healthier and more ethical place to survive, and more importantly, thrive.

Teresa Romanovsky; Asia Pacific’s first ethical recruitment consultancy

As Director of Opportunities, she successfully delivers ground-breaking recruitment solutions for individuals and companies concerned about climate change, consumerism, species extinction and personal health. Her goal is to pair the right employee with the right company so they can make a transformational commitment and difference to the planet whilst delivering impactful business achievements.

Teresa has had a long and fruitful career in global recruitment. Her multi-citizenship and international experience afford her a unique global understanding of people, cultures, commercial and environmental challenges. She works with purpose-driven employers and values-driven employees in plant-based production, sustainability, environmental protection, human rights and animal protection industries. Teresa is inspiring a technological and social revolution that respects important personal and corporate values.

Teresa dedicates much of her time to improving the lives of people physically and virtually. As a result, Teresa seamlessly creates a positive environment during the recruitment process. She is dedicated to partnering the right people with honest and unprejudiced representation. Since her redundancy last year, she has blended her two passions; advocacy for protecting the earth and its inhabitants and recruitment. “Because who doesn’t want to be able to earn a living from something they believe in that also aligns with their values?”

Since the launch of Careers For Purpose earlier this month, Teresa has received a wealth of congratulations and support. Her clients have expressed relief that there is now a ‘kind’ recruitment consultancy for the hundreds of disenfranchised employees trapped in companies that don’t align with their values. Teresa believes that not only does a company need great talent with specific skillsets, but more importantly, passion and drive. Mission-driven businesses strive to employ like-minded, talented individuals to enhance their workforce.

Interestingly, employers feel comfortable that candidates sourced through Careers For Purpose are already motivated to find a mission-aligned role. Conversely, this sets apart and eliminates hundreds of applicants from truly passionate applicants.

As a philanthropist, Teresa is very aware that the plant-based movement is gaining momentum. She has been a long-time advocate for protecting the earth, its inhabitants and the lives of animals. She consciously chooses sustainable shopping and supports various not-for-profit organisations. A comprehensive report by Deloitte Access Economics stated that in the 2020 fiscal year, the number of plant-based food brands in Australia almost doubled from 10 to 19, jobs increased by over 100 per cent and manufacturing revenue increased to nearly $70 million. The Clean Energy Council also reported that renewable energy is responsible for almost a third of Australia’s electricity generation. There are significant steps to increase this year on year.

Teresa Romanovsky

These positive steps to change leads company’s to seek a talented workforce with passion. The mission-driven founders of each business seek like-minded, talented individuals to join them to continue their success. Careers For Purpose is the international conduit that employers and job seekers use to streamline the hiring process.  Employers can also take comfort that they are supporting a service from a provider that is aligned with their mission.


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