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Soi Dog Partners With Eco-Friendly Dog Clothing Brand Tlabambaa

Bringing comfort and hope to thousands of animals, one scarf at a time

Soi Dog partners with eco-friendly dog clothing brand Tlabambaa to raise funds and reduce anxiety, fear, and terrors for the forgotten and ignored animals of Thailand

Soi Dog is perhaps the most world-recognised charitable organisation that helps stray, abused and forgotten animals across Asia. Since its conception in 2003, Soi Dog has spayed, neutered and vaccinated over 600,000 cats and dogs across Thailand. Their extraordinary team of international vets completes over 120,000 medical procedures every year. Their expansive shelter in northern Phuket handles over 400 admissions every month. Soi Dog collaborates with several like-minded rehoming organisations in the USA and Canada who have helped find loving forever homes for over 1,000 former Thai street animals in North America in a mere four years.

Hafiza Younes founded Tlabambaa, an eco-friendly, animal-loving dog accessories brand that provides fashionable comfort-inducing scarves for dogs that suffer from anxiety, fear, and terrors. Hafiza wants to comfort pets that suffer from panic attacks from thunder, loud noises and fireworks. As part of her overall commitment to animals, she wants to provide comfort to those that have experienced neglect, abandonment, exploitation, and cruelty.

Researchers, veterinary surgeons and animal behaviourists have conducted many studies that show that constant gentle pressure on a dog’s body successfully reduces their heart rate and lowers serum cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that measures stress and the fight-or-flight response, a protective reaction to a perceived threat or ingrained fear. The Tlabambaa scarves provide this pressure which makes pets less likely to hide in fright or panic. Tlabambaa has received numerous positive reviews not only about the increase in pet confidence and a state of calm.

Soi Dog has partnered with Tlabambaa. Together, they hope to raise substantial funds to continue changing animal cruelty laws in Asia. Funds raised will protect animals from harm, provide medical treatment and care, deliver crucial educational information and the all-important spay and neuter programmes across the region.

The Tlabambaa winter collection of scarves includes a design that features the striking Soi Dog orange. A percentage of all proceeds is automatically directed to the charitable Soi Dog Foundation; animal parents can also purchase the special edition Soi Dog scarf to show their support. As the old proverb says, “It takes a village to save a child”, here it takes a scarf to save a dog.

The Tlabambaa scarf is durable and made from earth-friendly hemp and organic cotton. Hafiza worked with designers and fabric producers that resonated with her commitment to the environment and the planet. After experimenting with almost endless construction methods, she found a blend of 55 per cent hemp and 45 per cent organic cotton. Hemp fibres support and prevent other fabrics from deteriorating and weakening during normal washing cycles. Not only is hemp long-lasting and becomes softer over time, but it is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic. The scarf retains its form and shape, which is essential for the pressure that creates comfort.

Tlabambaa launched the perfect durable scarf that supports your dogs and their worries. The Tlabambaa scarf gives them the extra level of love and a comforting hug that they need. On particularly warm days, you can dampen the scarf with cooling water which will help reduce their body temperatures. Also, if there are loud noises, your dog can wear the scarf over their ears as a cap, keeping them calm.

Hafiza grew up in Cairo, another urban city that struggles with the over-population of animals. She understands that people’s attitudes and habits form at a very young age. She supports Soi Dog’s provision of education for school children starting at primary school age and the importance of fostering a sense of care and empathy for dogs, cats, and other sentient beings. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Let us continue together to make this beautiful land a better place.

Forming partnerships with companies with the same ideals is vital to reaching wider audiences, paving the wave for innovative solutions, increasing effective engagement, providing education, and raising funds for a sustainable future.

Tlabambaa supports Soi Dog and their continued efforts to create better lives and alleviate some of the suffering so prevalent across Asia by donating a portion of the sale of each scarf to the charity. Perhaps you would prefer to purchase a Tlabambaa scarf this Christmas and create a nurturing environment for your own dog or one at a local shelter. Together, we can connect empowering world communities to make a difference. Just remember, you won’t save the world by rescuing an animal, but you will change that animal’s world.

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