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For The Love Of Dog


Hafiza Younes founded Dog Clothing Tlabambaa (tal-bam-ba) after falling in love with a beautiful natured dog called Doobie, who gets anxious in new situations and with loud noises.

Doobie is a loving but fretful boy who suffers from separation anxiety, thunder terrors and firework fear. Hafiza was keen to offer him a sense of security and comfort. Veterinary surgeons and animal behaviourists have conducted numerous studies showing that constant gentle pressure successfully reduces a dog’s heart rate and serum cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that measures stress and the fight-or-flight response, a protective reaction to a perceived threat. The Tlabambaa scarves provide this pressure which makes pets less likely to hide in fright. Hafiza has noticed a marked difference in his confidence. Tlabambaa has received numerous positive reviews not only about the increase in pet confidence but in overall cuteness.

Dog Clothing

Hafiza searched across continents to find a Dog Clothing scarf that kept its shape and form to ensure Doobie always had plenty of fuzziness to keep him pacified. She could not find anything that didn’t stretch or lose its shape, which is essential for the pressure that creates comfort. Hafiza launched the perfect durable scarf that supports your dogs and their worries. The Tlabambaa scarf gives them the extra level of love and a comforting hug that they need. On particularly warm days, you can dampen the scarf with cooling water which will help reduce their body temperatures. Also, if there are loud noises, your dog can wear the scarf over their ears as a calming cap, keeping them calm.

As part of Hafiza’s commitment to the environment, she wanted to be kind to the planet and the fabric producers. She discovered earth-friendly hemp and organic cotton. After experimenting with almost endless construction methods, she found a blend of 55 per cent hemp and 45 per cent organic cotton. Hemp fibres support and prevent other fabrics from deteriorating and weakening during routine washing cycles. Not only is hemp long-lasting and becomes softer over time, but it is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic.

Hafiza is determined to help animals from around the world. She is currently discussing partnerships with various rescue organisations in Canada and Egypt and a sizeable charity in Thailand. She hopes to announce the good news by the end of 2021. She will donate scarves to particularly anxious rescue dogs and commit to donating a portion of revenue to chosen charities as part of her philanthropic dedication to canine care. She hopes that the scarf will reduce shelter nervousness and lead to healthy adoptions.

Hafiza understands that lost, abandoned, abused, injured, and disabled animals need the extra support that the Tlabambaa scarf gives. She dreams that her dog clothing scarf collections will not only provide the necessary comfort to a pet or a rescue dog but that her donations will alleviate unnecessary suffering, provide education and promote awareness. She says, “As dog owners, we have all experienced the invaluable feelings of joy, love, security, ease, and internal peace which dogs provide us without even trying. A natural sense of relief. What better way to give back to such precious souls than to make them feel safe, secure, loved, and, most importantly, cuddled. I dream of creating a philanthropic community around the empathetic pillars of Tlambambaa”.


Environmental benefits of choosing Tlabambaa

Environmentalists and scientists regard hemp as a miracle plant and nature’s purifier. A successful yield of hemp has various benefits; it needs no harmful pesticides and very little water. An entire crop takes just four months from planting to harvest; it regenerates soil with nutrients ideal for boosting annual farm rotation. Hemp roots can grow almost three metres deep and help restore damaged soil, retain topsoil and prevent erosion. Hemp plants also capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; in fact, an impressive 1.63 tonnes of carbon dioxide is removed from the air for each tonne of hemp produced.

Hemp has been used in textiles for centuries. It is lightweight, absorbent and has three times the tensile strength of cotton, and it’s strong enough for Doobie and all other pets and keeps its shape perfectly. Hemp is also breathable, UV and mould-resistant, so it’s the perfect outerwear for canines.

Organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals and leaves the atmosphere, soil, water and air pollutant-free. It uses insects for pest control rather than relying on all of the harmful chemicals used in pesticides, which is great for humanity and the earth. Organic cotton growers prefer to use rainwater rather than irrigation. The growers also use a beneficial process called biodiversity. By choosing to buy an organic cotton and hemp blend, you are enhancing the health of humans and animals and sustaining natural resources.

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