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Corona Beer Reacts to Virus Comparisons

Media has been full with news of the Corona Virus spreading from the city of Wuhan, China. 


Corona in Latin means “Crown” or the radius of the sun, which is close to the look of the coronavirus that is rapidly spreading across the world today.


Leaders of the World Health Organization (WHO) have recently praised China’s response to the ongoing outbreak of a novel coronavirus however worry and association to the word Corona has caused a reaction from the beverage company, issuing a vivid explanation in a very succinct Facebook post.

Some people have put a lighter spin on the current situation with the following pictures going viral.


This looks like a likely culprit that sparked a reaction from the beverage company

Here’s another one

Maybe a more creative way of utilizing single use plastic?

A lady pictured with a little more than a mask on her head

Asia Lifestyle Magazine wishes the best outcome for everyone across the globe affected by this deadly virus. Let’s hope the medical and economic implications are minimal.


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