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Traditional Asian Home Remedies


Traditional Asian Home Remedies

It’s horrible if you catch a cold or flu. Your mother would tell you to take tablets or syrups if you have a fever. These are only a few of the health problems you might have experienced in the past. If you don’t like to take antibiotics or drugs, you can resort to Asian home remedies. One of the great and effective remedies is Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. 

TCM practitioners use different techniques and herbal products so that remedies are effective to cure diseases. What are these traditional home remedies? 

  • Tai Chi for Stability, Osteoarthritis and Back Pain 

Older people often experience difficulty in walking or doing household activities. You can give your grandparents prescription drugs to improve their balance and stability. But, there’s an effective home remedy that would help the elderly – Tai Chi. In this remedy, you perform gentle postures and movements that include mental focus and breathing. You would relax your body that leads to improved stability and balance for the elderly who have Parkinson’s disease. 

Tai Chi is also effective to reduce pain to people who have knee osteoarthritis. Also, people who have back pain would be happy to know that Tai Chi helps improve their quality of life. 

For people who have heart failure, Tai Chi helps to improve their mood. 

  • Botanical Supplements for Various Medical Problems 

Herbal products are available in Asian markets today. These herbal supplements claim to cure medical problems such as the following: 

  • Mental disorders 

  • Heart disease 

  • Respiratory diseases 

Some of the studies on herbal supplements are inaccurate, so no assurance that these are 100% effective. But, the green tea or barley grass powders you mix in your drinks have positive effects on the body. Hence, there’s the promising success that most herbal home remedies work. 

  • Moxibustion as Effective Home Remedy 

Okay, some of you aren’t familiar with the word. Well, moxibustion refers to a therapy that involves burning of moxa or mugwort root from the spongy herb.  This therapy allows you to experience fast healing. The burning moxa produces a pungent odor that you can confuse with cannabis. So why moxibustion? 

You would be surprised with the following purposes of the therapy: 

  • Strengthen your kidney  

  • Expel wind 

  • Disperse cold 

  • Invigorate the blood 

  • Stimulate Qi flow 

For women, moxibustion is used to treat menstrual pain. You can perform moxibustion at home and experience excellent results. 

  • Tui Na Massage for Musculoskeletal Conditions and Chronic Pain 

Tui Na combines acupressure, massage and other forms of massages. This Asian therapy is used in China for many centuries. During Tui Na massage, you remained clothed as you sit in the chair. The practitioner who comes to your home asks you different questions. Then, the treatment begins. 

Tui Na practitioners sometimes use ointments, herbal compresses and heat to improve the therapy. People who are experiencing musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain would benefit from the massage. 

If you like to know more and experience these home remedies, many health practitioners in Asia are ready to help you. Stay healthy by practicing these effective remedies at home. 

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Pattarasuda Siripan
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