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Best Time to Visit India


Best Time to Visit India

In the Southern borders of the Asian continent, a rich country is building its name continuously across the world. With its rich culture and traditions, this country is a must-visit. Lots of tourist attractions and spots which have contributions to the overall progress of the world towards right development are also available in this country. The mouth-watering foods are just waiting at the corner for every interested tourist to take some time tasting their exquisite delicacies.  Lastly, friendly people can tour any tourist around and make them feel at home with their exceptional accommodation. This country is the majestic home of the famous Taj Mahal – India!

The country of India is a country located in the Southern regions of the Asian continent. This country had been a good place for vacation and migration. With their competitive and continuously developing economy, experiencing a lot of different things are possible. If you have any plans to visit this majestic country, what do you think is the best time? Well, suit yourself now for we will provide you with some points regarding the best time to visit India. 

Seasons and Weather

India has three varying seasons, which are summer, winter, and monsoon. These seasons provide the tourists with an exact decision on when to visit the country and be satisfied with the whole vacation. The driest and, time of the year in India is between October and February. This is regarded as winter and a great choice to visit the country. Also, it is an ideal time to discover the hidden gems of India, as well as the warm coastal beaches. 

Next, to the winter season, the summer season is fast approaching. The summer season is the hottest and dry times in India that lasts from March to May. During this time, it is recommended to visit the central and southern regions of the country. If you are looking forward to a cooler temperature, it is best to reach the northern regions where the Himalayan plateau and lofty hills of Darjeeling and Shimla are providing exceptional experiences. 

In the early days of May, the monsoon season is the next season to come. During this time of the year, the temperature is humid, bringing regular downpours and sunny hot intervals throughout the country. This season is also associated with flooding in the lowland areas covering some of the natural parks of the country. Some states in this country, including Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu are the most affected with sweeping floods. This season is the most affecting and disturbing among the three for it can take lives. Storms and other natural calamities are continuously destroying the natural resources of India, resulting in damages and loss of lives. Landslides, flooding, and lightning are only some of the major killer calamities in India. 

Given this seasons, the best months to visit and tour around India is between October and March. In this time, the climate is good, providing a warm to dry climate. It is the best time to discover the majestic attractions, people, and delicacies in India. So what are you thinking about now? Plan and book for your vacation in India now!

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Pattarasuda Siripan
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