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The hidden paradise of Myanmar – Is it ready for the world?

If paradise has a face, it would surely resemble the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Myanmar.

A natural and cultural wonder situated at the heart of Asia. 

The best part? It is yet to be explored..

The serenity & peace of beaches, the beauty & scenery of the Himalayas, and its mesmerizing landscape make Myanmar a perfect holiday destination.

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How to reach Myanmar?

It is very easy; we can reach directly to Yangon international airport from almost any part of the world.

Myanmar has seen fluctuating but exponentially increasing numbers of tourists from the last decade. Last year it reached 4.3 million tourists, which is 23% higher than the previous year.

Till the last decade, there were only around 700 thousand tourists, Myanmar tourism has come a long way.

International tourism

The Myanmar government derives a considerable amount of money from tourism, it was already 12% in 2007. Currently, the tourism industry is almost sextupled. Hence, their sincerity towards tourism revenue is very critical for the country’s GDP.

The majority of international tourism is coming from China, and other southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Japan, with the US also as one of the prominent sources for tourists with 65,057 visitors in 2018.

But the European market is yet to tap, which creates a great Business opportunity for businesses related to Myanmar tourism. The highest numbers are from France, followed by the United Kingdom and Germany. Together they brought around 100 thousand tourists to Myanmar in 2018.

Old Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

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Is Myanmar ready?

Politically, well yes, definitely yes, Myanmar ruling and opposing institutions agree over the importance of tourism for the nation’s GDP growth.

The tourist VISA for Myanmar is valid for 28 days and can be extended for a couple of weeks on request. 

Yes, there were some setbacks due to communal violence, and currently COVID-19. Things, however are expected to get back to great in Myanmar.

Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

There is a huge influx of capital in the hospitality industry of Myanmar, and from the earlier image of religious tourists’ place, Myanmar is trying to encourage people to enjoy the local culture, and experience a completely different Myanmar.

What to do there?

Well, it is full of wildlife and treks, go for beaches, adventure sports, waterfalls, backwaters, peaceful meditation centers, beautiful lakes & rivers, and religious spots, of course.

It presents a perfect opportunity for families to spend a peaceful and valuable time together, and adrenaline enthusiasts to explore the secrets of Myanmar. 

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