There are some circumstances when you can offend someone without knowing it. Fortunately, the following can help you avoid this problem. The following ideas will guide you in gift-giving in Asia.

The Orangutan Alliance released their impactful #MyStepToProtect campaign in a global movement to bring awareness to endangered species that co-exist in an area of biodiversity.

He is a does what it says on the tin kind of guy. Wayne Lèal has aptly adopted the name Mr Super-Ager placed on him by the Telegraph (the UK’s leading broadsheet) newspaper.

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Globally – Thailand Ranks Second For Covid-19 Recovery

Statistics say that Thailand ranks Second in the world for the highest Covid-19 recovery

According to a report issued by the Global COVID-19 Index (GCI)...

This anti Covid-19 Zombie video from the Thai government is hilarious!

This Thai Government video will have you creasing with laughter

Thai humour is amazing and so are the people - The department of Mental Health...

Grim predictions for Thailand’s tourism recovery

'new normal' procedure predictions are forecasting difficult times ahead. The country’s crucial tourism industry contributes around 18% of Thailand’s GDP.

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Keep Moving Forward

Ever since I can remember—after the traumatic brain injury I suffered in March 2008, after the month-long coma I was left in. - Read this amazing story of recovery.

Why Japanese Car Companies Dominating the Asian Market

Japan is one of the most popular manufacturers of new and used cars worldwide. The following are some of the reasons why their cars dominate in Asia.

Top 10 Backpacking Destinations – Southeast Asia

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