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Zeavola Resort leads the way in eco-tourism


Zeavola Resort on Koh Phi Phi Don Island takes giant leaps forward in environmental techniques for creating a sustainable resort for future generations.  General Manager Florian Hallerman announces the launch of his humorous book that tracks successes in creating an award-winning Green Pearls resort.

Zeavola is top of its game with its ecological offerings.  For over a decade the general manager, his team and other green thinkers have been striving to create an almost-zero impact resort on favourite holiday island Koh Phi Phi Don.

The Phi Phi Islands were firmly put on the map in 2000 with the box office hit ‘The Beach’, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  The success of the film led to tens of thousands of visitors swarming Maya Bay and other surrounding areas of natural beauty.  Such intense volumes of visitors caused mass destruction to the reefs and the ecosystems that create the beauty of this archipelago.  2018 saw the permanent closure of this famous bay and the slow return of its natural inhabitants.

Zeavola is an island resort with a timeless atmosphere of a traditional, Thai rural village that has an air of rustic romance.  Barefoot luxury allows its guests to unplug and reconnect with themselves, and nature alongside spectacular jungle and beach backdrops.  Granting guests the ability to step back to simplicity comes with the need to balance expectations and to protect the natural environment of this glorious enclave. 

Florian Hallerman, the custodian of Zeavola, enthusiastically talks about his work during his tenure; “The Zeavola Resort is determined to create natural enjoyment for our guests, staff members, and partners here on Phi Phi island.  We are passionate about achieving this for the benefit of all. However, it is not only what we achieve, but how we achieve it, that determines the true value of our company.  We believe in certain values which include quality, reliability, and care.  Our core behaviours are trust, relationships, entrepreneurship, and drive.  People select companies more and more for the values they embrace and how they truly live them. We trust that our combined efforts do make a difference.  In a nutshell, Zeavola gives you the time and space to discover yourself and each other, a place to create magical memories.  We are an integral member of Green Pearls®, a travel company that specialises in unique, authentic and green experiences”.

Hallerman is a passionate hotelier, lover of nature and a father.  He is determined to make a difference for his children, their peers and future generations.  So much so, he has taken pen to paper and written a humorous book about his challenges, experiences and celebrations about creating change.  “This book has been in the making for quite some time.  It’s about the journey that the team and I have taken, our learnings and achievements, which have brought us to the point where we can be exceptionally proud.  We have made a difference, a huge difference on the impact that we have on our fragile planet.  Each change begins with the process of thought and the effects our decision can make.  I’ve had a lot of fun recounting the challenges and successes while writing this book.  I hope that you enjoy the behind-the-scenes stories that make Zeavola one of the leading environmental hotels in the world”.

The book Is full of Hallerman’s sense of fun and determination, facts and figures and exciting information about projects that he has undertaken and an insight into what will follow in the future.