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Writing a Lifestyle Article – Beginners Guide

Here are our beginners tips for writing a lifestyle article. 

The permanent topics in Asia Lifestyle Magazine are entertainment, lifestyle, business, travel, yachting, food, interesting people, real estate, and technology. We focus on everything to do with Asia, regularly inviting contributors to submit content for publishing. If you fancy being a published Author in a lifestyle magazine and don’t know where to begin, then these tips are for you.  

Firstly, where do you write? 

Well, most people have a google account. Open up your google drive and look for the blue icon “Google Docs”, here you can write an article with a spelling check along with a minor grammar check as well. Later when you are ready, just click the big blue share button in the corner, copy the link (make public if not already) and send to the publisher (Asia Lifestyle Magazine)

Try to follow this simple but effective structure.

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. Where
  4. Why
  5. How

Adopting this framework will most probably answer any questions the reader clicked the article for, and a bit more. 

Now check out these 7 key points to remember.

Get Them On The Intro 

Describe the key points, touch on the questions that will be answered.

Remember that some readers might only read the intro so make it count.

Sub Headings Are Important

Break up your article with subheadings

Readers like to skip ahead, help them stay focused.

Keep it Short & Sweet 

Make sure you don’t fill your content with Fluff.

SEO friendly content should be short, punctuated sentences.

Be Original 

Google will penalize you if you recycle content

Again! Do not copy and paste content that’s already been published! Just don’t.

Be Intriguing and Thought Provoking 

This doesn’t mean tell half a story, just try and leave readers with enough need to contact you.

If you make an interesting point, readers are more likely to share your article. 

Focus on Keywords  

Help Google find you by focusing on 2 words in your article.

You can even use an SEO tool to do a keyword search if you want.

Do Not Sound Like an Advert 

A Lifestyle Magazine audience is searching for lifestyle, not advertising.

You can contribute content to Asia Lifestyle Magazine 

There is a thin line between content contribution and advertising. Asia Lifestyle Magazine charges businesses for advertising (we have to keep the lights on) but always open to complimentary publishing when a story is interesting or someone is just starting out. We encourage any budding writers who enjoy writing or just aiming to build their digital profile to reach out to us and see if your contribution can be accepted.

You can Submit an Article HERE 

Dedicated to providing great content for readers interested about the Asia lifestyle. Written by Asia based writers.

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