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Wise words from a life coach

New Zealand born and die-hard adventurer Hayden Rhodes thrives in Asia. He is the product and performance consultant for SEARA International, helping people world-wide achieve their life goals.

Wise words from a life coach

Ralph Waldo Emmerson said, ‘The first wealth is health’ and in today’s world, people are beginning to value what that really means. In this article Hayden discloses five fundamental truths, so that you may bolster your immunity and your life performance.  


Breath is Life

Life gets a little uneasy when you can’t breathe. I was surfing in Indonesia in 2018 when a large set of freak waves rolled in and pushed me down onto the sharp reef below. After a good rolling and scraping on the reef, all I could think about was oxygen. My lungs felt like they would burst, all I wanted was to take a deep breath of air. After what seemed eternity, the ocean released me, and life was good again. Oxygen. Pure clean fresh air.


It’s the free things in life that are often undervalued; yet when you think about what is going on in the world right now, breathing fresh air and working to improve the function of your respiratory system is a great investment. Beach walks, mindful breathing practices and mind-body disciplines are all provided in abundance in Asia and truly pay off. If you value your health, aim to master the mechanics of your breath and breathe fresh air, deeply into your lungs every single day.


Water is Life

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the water of life as, ‘something that gives spiritual refreshment or eternal life.’ For millions of years earth has been eternally adapting to provide life, and earth is predominantly water. This is true of your physical body also. The main constituent of who you are, is water. How long can you last without it? H2O dissolves nutrients and delivers them into your cells, it flushes out toxins, moderates temperature and is involved in just about every physiological function within your body. Quality matters. Water stored in plastic bottles, transported for days and stored on shelves, is not the same kind of water that flows from glaciers or underground waterways, full of minerals, designed specifically for you to drink. Indulge with wine, enjoy your beer and gift your system  with ‘eternal life’ from high quality mineral water! 


Food is Life 

When I first came to Asia I was blown away with the incredible food options. Pad Thai, sushi, fresh fish… we are spoilt for choice. From the street side merchants to high-end boutique restaurants you can find anything you want. Just be a little wary of extra sugar or monosodium glutamate put into many dishes and as Paul Chek says, “avoid the crap! – the chemicals, refined foods, artificial ingredients, and processed products.” Food can be your medicine and medicine can be your food, only when it is fresh, clean and right for your unique metabolic needs. The hormones that regulate your body, your biology and brain function are all impacted by every mouthful of food you choose to ingest. Choose wisely and eat well!


Movement is Life

Asia has always intrigued me with it’s diverse cultures, seasons and energy. The energy is contagious and keeps the circles of business, life and culture alive and well. You are a human being, designed to move. Breathe comes first, followed by water, then comes food and now we move – without movement, stagnation will soon follow. Look at the mature elders throughout the Asean region who continue to perform Tai Chi, play with their grandchildren or work the rice fields. From Japan to Chiangmai and surrounding Southeast Asian countries, we are surrounded with role models to learn from. Always remember, you will lose what you do not use. This goes for neural brain function down to coordination and strength. If your first wealth is health – that means movement must become a priority in your lifestyle. You are a dynamic, energetic, living, breathing moving machine; get outside, go play, get moving. Lucky for us, Asia is a wonderful playground.


Thinking is Life

Throughout the ages there has only been one thing that everyone agreed with – that you become what you mostly think about. And if your thinking is stormy, angry or depressed, there is mindful work to be done.  James Allen in his brilliant little book, ‘As a Man Thinketh’ reminds us, ‘how insignificant mere money seeking looks in comparison with a serene life – a life that dwells in the ocean of Truth, beneath the waves, beyond the reach of tempests, in the Eternal Calm!’ I have been around the world many times and Asia seems to truly grasp the concept of living with a tranquil heart and creating a sweet tempered, balanced life. Asia enhances one’s ability to see beyond themselves and look for the quiet power that resides inside. The environment you choose to put yourself in, is very powerful and Asia works wonders to help calm the human being and find inner peace of mind – and who doesn’t want that? 


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