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Why Does the Philippines Appeal to Foreign Retirees?

Why Does the Philippines Appeal to Foreign Retirees?

Each year, there are thousands or even millions of retirees all over the world. These are people who reach the retiring age, and they are forced to stop working. Many retirees in the world are searching for great places and wonderful destinations where they can live their lives and enjoy their time with other people. They want to experience only the best that will satisfy their needs and wants.

The Philippines became one of the most appealing destinations for retirees. Do you know why? This is because the Philippines is an archipelago that has thousands of islands together with amazing beaches, peaceful environment. The Philippines is a country that has all the needs of retirees such as comfort, peace, and a great life.

Reasons Why the Philippines Appeal to Foreign Retirees

Beautiful Setting

The country of the Philippines is commonly known to have a natural beauty of the environment and tropical climate. From the beautiful and amazing top of mountain peaks down to wonderful seas with colorful sea creatures and coral reefs. It is just easy to be around the country because every place is just easy to get on. This country offers many and different beaches because it has 7,101 islands. These include the Boracay with crystal clear and blue water and white sand that can be found in the province of Aklan and the El Nido that is rich in a bio-diverse area with limestone cliffs that can be seen at the top of the sea that can be found in Palawan. There are great beaches in this country retirees can visit or even live with. It is not just all about beaches, but there are also falls, volcanoes, great and fine foods or delicacies, and the hospitable people around the country. 

Low Living Cost

Most foreign retirees choose to find a lower cost of living, where they can settle themselves and enjoy a great time. Besides, the Philippines will never let them get disappointed. Many expats can live comfortably wherein they will just need $800 – $1,200 per month and this already includes their travel and dining out through the entire places in the country. According to the Social Security of U.S. Workers updated in January of 2018, the average benefit of retirees per month is up to $1,404. This only means that it is enough for the retiree who wants to live in the Philippines for good as it already covers their basic needs. A household help in the Philippines is more affordable. This is good for retirees because they need someone who can help them doing household chores. 

Expat Incentives

The people in the Philippines are known to be hospitable to their guests. They welcome expats and they provide dedicated government agency that can help to attract other foreign retirees/. The expats can receive a 60% discount, there is an exemption for retirees not to pay taxes in plane travel, and $7000 that is worth of different goods. Retirees who choose the Philippines are also allowed to build their small business or any business wherein it can help them in their daily budget.

A great country for respected and committed retirees, only in the Philippines!.


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