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Who is Alise Pomanee?

Alise Pomanee, the avantgarde entrepreneur that takes to the bottle.

Regularly. Alise Pomanee is no stranger to luxury, excitement and the best that life has to offer. Her sales-driven entrepreneurial spirit has led her to become one of the founders of The Melior Collection, a forward-thinking importer of indulgent goods into Thailand. Alise and her business partner provide extraordinary agency solutions and seamlessly introduce innovative products into the region through various sales, marketing and supply chain functions. They are empathetic networkers that connect the right suppliers, importers, local distributors and right procurement teams.

Who is Alise Pomanee?

Alise grew up in Bangkok and is the only child of Boonrod Boonmak, land and organic farm owner in Khaoyai. She attended Satrisrisuriyothai School, an all-girls boarding school that subscribes to King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s sufficiency economy philosophy and develops behaviours based on temperance and wisdom. This form of teaching is thought to lead students to real happiness in their lives.

Directly from her schooling, she enrolled in the fast-paced Business Fashion Degree at Bangkok Technology University. She studied relentlessly for four years and specialized in traditional Thai music. Alise played the traditional classical violin alongside Her Royal Highness Princess Jakri-Sirinthorn in the most renowned classical chamber orchestra of the century.

A beautiful face, surprising aristocratic British accent – Alise Pomanee

One of the top three contenders in Thailand’s Next Top Model TV show.

A beautiful face, surprising aristocratic British accent, fun-loving soul and enviable international connections led her to travel extensively across the world and wear the finest apparel for Christian Dior, Gucci, L’Oreal and Levi’s. She graced many a front cover of universal luxury magazines. In 2007, Pomanee was selected as one of the top three contenders in Thailand’s Next Top Model TV show.

Alise’s innate love of colourful gems, flawless diamonds and the warm hues of gold melded with her insatiable energy, and creative force drove her to create her own jewellery range. Her bold and eclectic collections traversed significant cities across Northern Europe and have sparkled under dazzling spotlights on seemingly endless catwalks.

Alise Pomanee – one of the top three contenders in Thailand’s Next Top Model TV show

The next decade saw this extraordinary young woman take to rare spirits and other luxury goods as a duck takes to water. Alise has spearheaded and identified some of the most prestigious names in the industry and been the powerhouse behind the brand elevation of D&G, LVMH, Steinway & Sons, 007 and Dunhill brands to name-drop but a few.

Her compassionate and empathetic nature leads her to be a rather remarkable anomaly. Alise is equally as happy in her bright orange wellington boots as she is in towering Christian Louboutin shoes. She spends her days in boardrooms and on organic farms, appreciating fine dining restaurants or tirelessly helping workers gather rice and vegetables, she meditates and writes her own mantras. She is bold, she is extraordinary, and she is kind.

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