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Where to Go In India when Backpacking?


Where to Go In India when Backpacking?

Do you feel the gust of fresh air as you’re walking on the street? Then, you see a faraway mountain across town, and an idea comes to your mind. It feels awesome to go hiking. You experience the fun and excitement from the adventure. You always search for the thrilling experience once you go to beautiful places. 

Yes, you want to satisfy your needs for an adventure. Then, your backpacking plan is a good idea. But, do you know where the country to start the backpacking adventure? Well, why not go backpacking to India? You see and visit beautiful places in India that makes backpacking more fun. Are you set to start your trip? 

Here are the best places you can go to India: 

  • Travel the Wide Coastline at Goa 

Do you love to see the beautiful beaches at Goa? Then, you become a backpacker and walk along the numerous beaches that reach more than 130 km. If you like peace, you can rent a bike and go to South Goa. You can also see the beaches here and other famous tourist spots. 

You can visit and take pictures at Fort Aguada. Do you like to discover the wonders of the falls? You can go to Dudhsagar Falls.  

  • Visit Ancient Temples at Pushkar 

Pushkar offers many attractions to backpackers. Here, you can see several Brahma temples and other century-old attractions. You and fellow backpackers could marvel at the beauty of the Varaha Temple, Shri Sawai Bhoj Temple and Savitri Temple. 

Besides the religious attractions, the Pushkar Camel Fair offers fun and excitement. There’s also the Camel Safari that most tourists enjoy. 

  • Black-Sand Beach at Varkala 

If you love to swim and see black-sand, you visit Varkala. This town is a quiet beach where you can see black-sand beaches. You can sunbathe, swim and enjoy the sunset. Do you want to try an exciting activity? 

You can give paragliding a try and enjoy the awesome scenery. You can also visit the Janardana Swami Temple that’s believed to be 2,000 years old. If you’re interested in starting your backpacking adventure here, the best time to travel is from October to March. 

  • Famous Tea Estates at Munnar 

No doubt. The beautiful hill station of Munnar is a beautiful and ideal place to travel. You can invite your friends as you explore the tea estate of the hill. You can also see the rich flora and sauna. If you want to explore other attractions, you’re invited the Attukal Waterfalls, the Anamudi Peak and Mattupetty Dam. 

Come and see the place, and you would experience an exciting adventure! 


  • Sacred Monasteries at Dharamsala 

For backpackers who love to see old monasteries, Dharamsala is the best place to visit. Here, you can see sacred monasteries and many worshippers. You can walk through the city and shop in the markets here. You can have an engaging talk with the locals and discover the tradition of the city. 

If you like to visit these places, now’s the time to start packing. Enjoy and have as you prepare for the best backpacking adventure of your life!  

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Pattarasuda Siripan
Pattarasuda Siripan
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