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What makes QSI special?

Nestled in the tropical jungle of Kathu lies a small international school called QSI Phuket.

With all of the international schools on the island, what makes QSI special? Is it the tailor made educational system that caters to all of the students’ needs both academically and socially? Is it the small class sizes that insure that every child is recognized and nurtured in their journey? Is it the educators focused on student centered learning? Is it the mastery learning system, access to a broad and tested curriculum? The schools’ success orientations or the small committed community of parents and staff focused on creating an optimal environment for success? The simple answer is that it is all of the above.

QSI is simply different

In the fact that it has created a system that is not rigid and unyielding, but rather one that accesses each individuals needs and caters towards their strengths. Within the same class you will find students that struggle with certain concepts and students that quickly grasp the subject matter and move forward at lightning speeds. Both are attended to, both are given the tools for success and both will master the content in their own time. This is the beauty of the mastery learning system that QSI has based its curriculum around. All students are set up for success and no one is left behind. We are not bound by tests dates, rigid evaluation systems and huge classes where students are lost. Our system allows us to engage with each child as an individual and ensure that school is a safe space free of stress. A space where talents are engaged, strengths are built upon and weaknesses are accessed and overcome.

Small child classes

The small class sizes allow every child to be heard and a compact community based around care and collaboration is created. All of the students from the ages of two to eighteen interact in their day to day lives, with seniors mentoring and actively engaging with their younger counterparts. The curriculum is creatively adapted by the highly qualified teaching staff to insure that the students are engaged and challenged and most importantly,  to guarantee understanding and higher learning operations. The QSI motto of “success for all” is not just a tagline, but rather a way of life that is brought into every interaction and learning objective,


The success orientations that the school adheres to creates not only successful learners but intelligent, empathetic students ready to engage with their peers and environment  with a platform to inflict positive change. The students are asked how their daily interactions connect to orientations such as “kindness and politeness”, “independent endeavor” and “aesthetic appreciation” to name a few.

The benefits of having a tried and tested curriculum across thirty seven schools in thirty one countries are unparalleled.  The curriculum offers access to numerous language curriculums as well as advanced placement subjects such as Psychology that count towards University credits even before the student has graduated.  QSI also boasts an extensive virtual school program to insure that our students have access to all possible options in all possible scenarios. We try to cover all of the bases as the success of our students is tantamount in our objectives for how the school operates.


Creating opportunities for students

We aim to create opportunities for our students to excel beyond the classroom and to engage with and give back to the local community. We participate in beach clean ups and environmental events such as the annual turtle release, as well as providing opportunities for our students to experiment with the culinary arts in our annual cooking competition, Our students have the opportunity to express their creativity through our music, media and photography curriculums so that we can set them up to successfully participate in the modern world that they will be entering after graduation.

Our curriculum has provided the opportunity for our students to enroll in numerous prestigious universities across the globe in a large and varied array of disciplines and courses.

We are constantly collaborating with our parents. Accessing needs and opportunities while working together to provide for our community. The director’s door is always open and you will always be greeted by a happy and helpful smile.

In short we are a small community focused on quality education and a safe nurturing environment that creates the opportunity for every student to experience success in all arenas of their development. From child to adult, Happy, smiling children who are not only academically engaged but also socially equipped to make the world a better place for both themselves and those around them. That’s what success looks like to us.