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Viral Campaign Launched By Orangutan Alliance

The Orangutan Alliance launched its latest impactful campaign entitled #MyStepToProtect to pay tribute to International Orangutan Day on 19 August 2020. The viral campaign is to remind people that it’s not too late to facilitate collective change for the planet, through living a more sustainable lifestyle. Viva La Body has created organic, palm oil-free soap with Orangutan Alliance and they intend to sell at least 2000 bars in the first month.


Maria Abadilla, the founder of Orangutan Alliance, says of the global movement “We are excited to launch the #MyStepToProtect campaign to generate awareness, action and funds for conservation. For each soap purchased, we can plant one tree which is critical to the habitat protection of over 100 mammals, 382 bird species and important carbon storage for the planet. We aim to plant at least 2000 trees in a month.”

For every soap purchased, at least one tree will be planted and protected starting in the Leuser ecosystem in Sumatra; the world’s most diverse rainforest and oxygen system. This area is the last place on earth where critically endangered Sumatran elephants, rhinoceros, tigers and orangutans co-exist with over 100 other mammals and hundreds of bird species.

Orangutans share 98% of human DNA. The Orangutan Alliance is the authoritative voice that is raising awareness around the globe about the impact of unsustainable palm oil production, which is having devastating effects on wildlife, habitat and human rights.
Unsustainable palm oil is the main threat to the survival of orangutans and many other endangered species as well as deforestation, particularly in Borneo and Sumatra. Palm oil appears in over 50% of all packaged goods and accounts for 35% of the world’s vegetable oil production.

“We also want to encourage collective action through this campaign and to get people thinking deeply about how they can be part of the solution of protecting endangered species and climate change. There are so many trivial social media messages flooding our feeds; and there is an urgent need to encourage people, their friends and family to care for the planet and work towards being the generation that ends deforestation forever,” said Abadilla

In addition to the sale of the soaps, Orangutan Alliance ask people across the world support their campaign by sharing #MyStepToProtect challenge on Instagram while tagging three friends with a post on the steps that they are taking to protect the planet and critically endangered species.
“We have had great feedback on the campaign so far with media, influencers, and industry leaders keen to get on board and support the cause. More and more people are looking at the environmental state of the world and want to know how they can help and be part of the solution. It’s very encouraging to see an important step forward for the conservation of our planet and the wildlife that inhabit it.”

The Orangutan Alliance is asking for people to commit to:
Purchase their special edition soap to plant a tree through www.orangutanalliance.org or www.floraandfauna.com.au for only $10.00 AUD

Create collective change during the pandemic by asking people to join the viral challenge and post how they contribute to the protection of the planet and endangered species.

The Orangutan Alliance is a Melbourne-based International not-for-profit advocating to end the use of unsustainable palm oil. They provide palm oil-free certification, research, advocacy and support clear labelling of oils including palm oil in all products which provide consumers with choice. All Orangutan Alliance profits go into grassroots projects that promote conservation, education and reforestation programmes.

Maria Abadilla, founder and spokesperson, Orangutan Alliance

Email maria.abadilla@orangutanalliance.org
Phone +61 (0) 411 881 248
Website www.orangutanalliance.org
Instagram www.instagram.com/orangutanalliance/
Facebook www.facebook.com/orangutanalliance
The press pack includes images and videos.

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