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Top Rock Climbing in Asia

Top Rock Climbing in Asia

If you are into great outdoor experience, you may surely love rock climbing activity. You can get a lot of memorable experience of you to face the adventurous activity. So, what are you sitting on? Prepare your things now and get your plane ticket as you go the best Rock Climbing spots in Asia. Here are the best places to make new adventurous memories. 


  • Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Fight with your fear and accomplish the task. In Batu Caves, there are three famous spots for rock climbing: Damai Wall, Nyamuk Wall, and Nanyang Wall. These differ on the experience level you have. You can take Damai Wall if you are a beginner with its simpler routes. 

  • Bukit Takun, Malaysia

You can also enjoy the astounding limestone formation here. Drive your car 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, and you will reach this destination. 

  • Krabi Railey Island, Thailand

If you want to try the most popular rock climbing spot in Southeast Asia, prepare to dwell with your fear. In Krabi Thailand, you can also witness both Asians and international climbers. You can experience interesting climbing routes and enjoy the view of the island. If you want to try If, you can spot a lot of sites. Never forget to try the local dishes too for a great experience. 

  • Crazy Horse in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you want for an adventurous route, try Crazy Horse in Thailand. It has a cool weather climbing area if you don’t want for sweltering heat spots. A bamboo forest surrounds the place. You can also enjoy hot springs and riding a scooter to wander around the place. 


  • Long Dong, Taiwan

If you are looking for stunning sandstone rock formations with great coastal views, head to Long Dong in Taiwan. It is one of the best climbing spots in Asia. You can enjoy the sea breeze as you start climbing the rock formations. 

  • Rehai, Near Taipei

If you want a spot perfect for beginners, you can go to the perfect climbing destination in Taiwan, which is Rehai. It has a sport-climbing crag offering perfect for starters like you. Also, it has routes for intermediate level. You can have peaceful experiences with a nice ambiance. 

  • Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Witness the amazing cliff formations, refreshing rivers and a nice view of Padin mountainous field. It attracts a lot of climbers with its majestic experiences offered. 

  • Yangshuo, China

If you want an iconic spot, never hesitate to book a flight in this place. It has excellent beauty, and if you want to reach the highest peak, you can do that in Yangshuo, China. 

  • Dairy Farm Climbing Reserve/ Quarry in Singapore

Check the natural climbing destination in Singapore. Dairy Farm is also perfect for bikers, hikers and families. Take a safe step as you start climbing your route. 

  • Thakhek, Laos

You can enjoy a nice trip since it is away from traffic and too many people. Make sure that you have a tough endurance as you start taking the routes. 

  • Mount Katsu, in Okinawa

This is one of Japan’s best climbing destinations since it offers a lot of climbing experiences. Perfect for any levels. With its a pleasant environment, you have the adventure you want. 


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