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Top 10 Heritage Sites in South East Asia

Top 10 Heritage Sites in South East Asia

Southeast Asia is blessed with lots of hidden nature gems, wonders, and heritage sites that are worth to be showcased across the world. These wonders are making each of the South East Asian countries well-known and tourist destinations that are loved by lots of tourists coming from other countries. Also, these wonders or heritage sites help in the relaxation and refreshment of the valued tourists. Given this, here are the top 10 heritage sites in South East Asia. 

1.    Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Popularized through its magnificent and incredible architectural designs, Angkor Wat deserves a spot in the top 1 0 heritage sites in South East Asia. This temple had been one of the most visited places in Cambodia that helped increase the tourism and fame of the country. Through the countless tourist visits, Cambodia had reached an increase in its economy due to this incredible temple. 

2.    Borobudur Temple

Located in Java, Indonesia, this 1,200year-old Buddhist temple is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Asia. This temple showcases an incredible experience and sightseeing from one of the dominant religions in Asia- Buddhism. Enjoy the relaxing view of the sunset in this temple, as well its rich history and culture.

3.    Thang Long Citadel

In the bustling capital of Vietnam- Hanoi, Thang Long Citadel is located. This heritage site was built by the early dynasties present in the country that was reserved and now dominates globally. It helped in increasing the tourist sales of the country, as well as its economic rate.

4.    Cultural Landscape of Bali

Located in Bali, Indonesia, these heritage sites showcase the cultural and incredible landscape which has a similarity to the rice terraces in Banaue, Philippines. This cultural site had been one of the top visited places in the country for a lot of tourists are being amazed by its rich design. This place is for the rice plantation of the local farmers in Bali. 

5.    Hoi An

In Vietnam, a charming and graceful holiday place for locals and tourists is Hoi An. This place is perfect for relaxation for it is free from noise pollution and disturbance. It also showcases ancient stores with ancient things that might get your interest. The served food delicacies in this place are also great. 

6.    Vigan

Located in the Northern border of the Philippines, Vigan is considered as one of the oldest Spanish colonial heritage not just in Asia but also across the world. This place is filled with friendly Filipino people, as well as local products, food, and destinations. 

7.    Ayutthaya

In Thailand, a place which is recognized as the second capital of the country and was founded in the mid-1300s is a favorite heritage site of the tourists. Ayutthaya is one of the oldest cities and crowded places in the world which is mainly dominated by the merchant ships rooting from Japan, India, and Europe. Although all the greatness of this place was turned into ruins, it still has a spot in the top 10 heritage sites for it showcases the rich history of Thailand. Enjoy the floating market and spicy treats being offered by this place. 

8.    Melaka

This place is one of the wealthiest cities in the world back before. Enjoy the foods in this place and get around through taking a bike. 

9.    Sukhothai

Established as Thailand’s capital 800 years ago, this heritage site is one of the top must-visit places in South East Asia. Enjoy the rich culture of the historical park by renting a bike. 

10.    Luang Prabang

Enjoy a chilled and relaxed stay in almost 33 wats in Luang Prabang. The served food and other delicacies are also worth to touch and captivate your taste buds. 


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