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Thousands Of South Koreans Queuing For Masks

Pictures emerged of South Koreans pictured queuing as far as the eye can see for masks outside a hospital  in Daegu.

Future Challenges

Well, apart from the health issues and loss of human life, which will come up, if the virus spreads further, there is also an economic impact that will be seen globally.


China is the exporter of products in all shapes and sizes, the Asian tourism market is already taking a hit


What is COVID-19?


COVID-19 is the official name of the recent virus from the coronavirus family, which is creating havoc in the minds of people and nations, across the globe. The problem is that this strain is new to humans.

Just like other viruses from the coronavirus family, COVID-19 hits our respiratory system. As per WHO, it will take around 18 months to create a vaccination. 

Current Situation of COVID-19?

As per the latest report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the situation is really critical, and they have asked for more than 600 million dollars from the international community to fight against COVID-19.


Countries like Iran, South Korea, North Korea, and few others are also reporting few cases, but the maximum concentration of deaths is in Wuhan province of China. There are also reports that due to the coming summer season in the northern hemisphere, the growth of the virus can decline.


It’s said the life of COVID-19 on the surface is around 42 hours, and it burns itself in heat. WHO is considering it as a window of opportunity, and asking the global community to come together and exploit this window, before winter comes back.


Currently, governments are just trying to contain the virus as much as possible, provide suitable hospitalization and other facilities to the infected patients. Parallelly, there is a global effort that is going on to find the vaccine for the new COVID-19 coronavirus.


Our lessons from the past? SARS!

A similar virus from the coronavirus family came into humans through animals in 2003. Well, the virus came from China again, and soon traveled globally on the exporting economy of China.

SARS is well in control now, but there are still some cases which are emerging, we can only assume it gone, if there are no cases in 42 days, across the globe.

Silver Lining?

With is so much fear spreading around on the name of coronavirus.  there is some silver linings as mentioned in a great youtube video from popular vlogger and Thailand expat, Peter V James aka Farang Fella. 


It’s considered polite to wear a mask during a outbreak in Asia

original story of the queuing here


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