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The Tradition of Asian Gift Giving

The Tradition of Asian Gift Giving   

Giving gifts is one of the best ways of Asians to show gratitude and love for their family, friends, special someone and other colleagues. In Asia, gift-giving is not only during holidays but every day! With this, Asians are considered among the sweetest people all over the world. 


Asian people love to give small gifts as a sign of their love and gratitude for someone or something that they have received. However, there are some rules in giving gifts in Asia that you must be familiarized with, especially if you plan to have a vacation in any Asian country. The following are some things to remember when giving gifts. 


Gifting-Rules in Asia 

There are some circumstances when you can offend someone without knowing it. Fortunately, the following can help you avoid this problem. The following ideas will guide you in gift-giving in Asia. 


  • India

In India, you must not give your gift using your left hand. Thus, the left hand signifies unclean. You must always use your right hand as you receive, pass or give gifts. Additionally, if your gift is cash, you must not give in uneven numbers. In the culture of India, number one symbolizes a new beginning while numbers that end in zero means an end. 


  • South Korea

You must not use red ink if you are writing cards to your friends. The names of the dead are written in red on funeral lanterns and tombstones. It means that the receiver is dead. 


  • China

When you are in China, you must know the 3 golden rules on money giving. Chinese holidays and Chinese New Year are the time for gift-giving. Giving money is the best gift in Chinese tradition. With this, you must learn the rules of giving money. These rules include:

  • Only give non-crinkled and new bills, not coins

  • Give sums that begin with 8 since it is the luckiest number for Chinese

  • Don’t give the amount that begins or ends in 4. It is an unlucky number which also likes the word death in Chinese culture

In China, you must not give a clock, but a watch is acceptable. 



  • Japan

In Japan, the way of your wrapping is sometimes more important than what is inside. You must not use the old newspaper and make it special. You must also learn the country’s “language of flowers.” Flowers have meaning to them. If you are giving a gift for a birthday, you must avoid lilies, lotus blossoms and carnations because it is related to funerals. 


  • Thailand 

The magic number in Thailand is 9, and you must ignore 3. Gifts in a set of 9 are lucky for Thai people. It is also the same with words such as “let’s go eat’, “rice” and “moving forward.” It is also a rude manner if you open the gifts in front of the giver. 


  • Singapore

You must not give handkerchief as your gift in Singapore. It signifies sadness and tears. 

Gift giving in Asia is different from other cultures, so you must learn to respect it. Meanwhile, there are various gift ideas in Asia to make someone happy and special. 


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Pattarasuda Siripan
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