The Health Banker

The Health Banker

THE INTERVIEW WAS conducted during a JUMPGA (a hybrid of HIIT and yoga) work-out session at his by invitation only secret studio in Fulham central London. It is a component of his SUPER-AGER Fitness program that is the best exercise you can do for overall health. I asked him what he thinks about people’s attitude toward health. Without breaking breath, he said; Health investment involves no risk, and grows more valuable each and every year, is a proven career success and can generate extra happiness over a lifetime.


There is an underlying logic that defines financial retirement that is well-established and widely accepted: Young adults are encouraged to immediately begin setting aside funds for their eventual retirement as soon as they take their first job. And he is right because good health can reliably produce a financial windfall beyond a typical retirement plan.


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Lèal said: ‘Most people don’t think about planning for their health retirement when they are young enough to achieve the huge returns that wellness delivers. Too many people wait to do health planning when they have no choice. In other words, until they are sick or injured.’


By now we had completed the 20-minute cardio section, where I was allowed a sip of water. Now we were at the balance component, not easy to stand one legged on a trampoline. Whether you are a CEO or the head of your family, you must do everything possible to protect yourself against stress and illness. Lèal said: ‘Getting into shape, if you aren't already, will improve your confidence, self-esteem, help relieve stress, and give you a meaningful goal that requires the approval of no one else but yourself. Best of all, you can do something like JUMPGA-at home; it’s doable and convenient and you're never too poor or too old to start.’


We are now at the yoga component that uses the rebounder as a prop, which is good for me because I can’t touch my toes. Being healthy eliminates a potential burden from your plate – the expense and distraction of illness. And keep in mind that statistics show that poor health is the most common reason people are forced to retire sooner than planned.


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We’re coming to the end of what was an intense yet relaxing 60-minute work-out. When you are sick, you aren't as effective on the job, or at home. Those who depend upon you like your family members and colleagues are also less efficient when you're not well and, your income suffers too. More importantly, nobody can put a price on what sickness means to you in terms of stress, pain, incapacity and poor quality of life.


While I was lying on the mat in Savassana (corpse pose) Lèal said: ‘The bottom line is this: we should all be dedicating as much time to healthy lifestyles and diets as we do to making money. The lifetime returns that better health deliver are real and, are infinitely more reliable than money.’

Namastè to that we both say.


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