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The Asian Obsession with White Skin: Is it an Obsession or a Standard?


As someone who has lived in Asia for over a decade, I have observed the obsession that many Asians have with achieving white skin. It is an idea of beauty that is deeply ingrained in the culture and something that can be seen in everyday life, from the proliferation of whitening products in stores to the celebrities with white skin. But is this obsession healthy, or is it a problematic standard?

The Pursuit of White Skin Asians often view white skin as the epitome of beauty and status, with dark skin being associated with working in the fields or being of a lower social class. This obsession with white skin is so ingrained that it is often seen as a necessary aspect of daily life. Many Asians, both men and women, spend a significant amount of money on whitening procedures, products, and supplements, with the hope of achieving their desired complexion.

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The Risks of the Obsession While the pursuit of white skin may seem harmless, it can come with significant risks. The use of some whitening products and procedures can result in the loss of melanin, skin damage, and even skin cancer. The obsession with white skin can also cause anxiety and feelings of self-hatred and rejection for those who do not achieve their desired complexion.

Obsession or Standard? The Asian obsession with white skin is not just a personal issue; it has also become a lucrative business. The beauty industry is rife with products that promise to whiten and lighten the skin, and multinational companies have even jumped on the bandwagon. But is this obsession a standard that Asians should continue to adhere to?

As someone who has observed this obsession firsthand, I believe that it is time to challenge the idea that white skin is the standard of beauty and status. We should celebrate the diversity of skin tones and recognize that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The pressure to conform to a certain standard can have negative consequences, and it is time for us to embrace our unique features and identities.

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In conclusion, the obsession with white skin in Asia is a complex issue that requires a deeper understanding of cultural norms and societal expectations. While it is understandable to want to achieve one’s desired complexion, it is important to recognize the risks involved and challenge the idea that white skin is the only standard of beauty and status. As we move forward, let us celebrate diversity and promote a more inclusive and accepting society.

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