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Special Forces Training in Samui

Challenge yourself physically and mentally, and be your very best self.

Thailand is renowned for its extreme sports, whether it’s the gruelling Iron Man in Phuket or endless cycling challenges. Muay Thai training, the punishing UTMB trail running in Chiang Mai or the most challenging boot camps. Residents from across Thailand and international visitors flock from around the world to be brutalised by heartless trainers at various events.

Special Forces Weekends in Samui

It just got more brutal. Former Royal Marine, Steve Quinn is the epitome of ruthless. His UK Military Special Forces training means that he will test you to your limits and beyond. He possesses a rather gruff exterior but has endless amounts of encouragement that will inspire you and take you to levels of fitness you never thought possible. Quinn gives each participant a condensed insight into harsh military life.

Quinn has an infectious energy, and you can’t help but admire his roguish nature. He chats at ease “joining the military at 18 was the best decision I ever made. It taught me to be not just a man but a man with honour, self-respect, self-discipline and focus. I came from a broken family and had been in the social care system since my early teens and was going nowhere in life. People thought I was good for nothing”.

Upon arrival at Limitless Fitness & Performance headquarters in Samui, there will be a search for ‘illegal’ contraband such as chocolate or beer, given a full safety briefing and provided with a comfortable uniform and shown your new accommodation. Quinn’s unbending command has even the untidiest of humans making their beds with military precision. Personal space and kit are to be kept spotless, or Quinn will enforce consequences. Any mistakes will be quickly identified and punishable with press-ups. Your rank and number will be issued and used at all times. 

Koh Samui is well known for its palm-tree-lined beaches and crystal clear waters, of deliciously cold tropical cocktails, thousands of smiles and energy balancing massages and yoga retreats. Not on Quinn’s watch. He’ll have you running up steep jungle hills clutching a machete, wading through rivers, carrying hefty equipment and creating camouflage disguises so that attackers don’t find you. 

Special Forces Weekends in Samui

Quinn continues “The Royal Marines gave me a chance to discover what was underneath all of that bravado. I left the services a capable, determined individual who has owned several successful gyms, travelled and trained people worldwide. I worked as a bodyguard for some of the world’s celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Sir Tom Jones and DJ Avicii. The SFX Weekends show people an alternative version of themselves and allow them to thrive in challenging situations and learn valuable life lessons and skills”. 

Thrown into the mix are life survival skills, and participants will complete time-sensitive tasks and missions. Each ‘special forces soldier’ will rehearse a cover story which they must not waiver from when being questioned or put through intense ‘resist to interrogation’ drills. This course is not for the faint-hearted but will create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s extremely tough and challenges you to dig [very] deep both mentally and physically. 

SFX Experience Weekends Thailand are weekend adventures that will test you to breaking point and beyond and allow you to experience your true capabilities. You’ll be physically and mentally challenged and given the inspiration to reach your maximum potential in life. The course resembles the exacting UK Special Forces processes. Sandra Martin was one of the brave first candidates who took part. She said with determination and conviction “in terms of facing your fears, testing your limits, experiencing a great sense of teamwork, and overall personal development, it’s one of the best things I have ever done. It was tiring, exhausting and very challenging, yet unbelievably rewarding and inspiring. I would do it again in a heartbeat!” Nicola Muir, another survivor, added “this was a unique experience and has made me a braver and stronger version of me. Steve excelled himself. I’ve never met anyone better at inspiring people to become the very best version of themselves. This is an awesome experience. If you get the chance to take part…do it! You won’t regret it!”.

Special Forces Weekends in Samui

You will feel like quitting at times, but Quinn hopes that with his encouragement you won’t voluntarily withdraw. He knows that you’ll feel euphoric and experience an immense sense of personal achievement and self-respect at the end of the weekend. These skills are transferable into creating a more successful business, relationship, family life or can be called upon when times get tough. “The global pandemic has led to fear, and people are feeling discouraged and depressed. The course will re-ignite or awaken the spark in participants. It’s my goal to get kids outside in the fresh air and away from their electronic gadgets. The courses will help with STEM learning and allow them to work on interpersonal skills, teamwork, cognitive thinking and problem solving, just like in the adult courses”.

For more information on how to book an SFX Experience Weekends Thailand course, talk to Quinn directly by contacting https://www.facebook.com/Limitless.Fitness.Samui


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