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Showing Face – Asian Ego

Showing Face, Asian Ego  

The face is famous in Asian culture. To help you familiarize about-face in the Asian ego, let us learn what face is for Asians. 

What is a face?

The face is described as the avoidance of embarrassment at all costs. Furthermore, there are also different face aspects in Asian culture, including one who can lose face, lose for others and gain face. A person can also get the worst reputation of one who has no face. 

Asians are concerned about losing their face, which means losing other people’s respect. 

The concept of China about showing face

We will focus on Chinese culture about-face. However, it can also be applied to other Asian countries. Chinese view themselves as flawlessly integrated with their coworkers, schoolmates, friends, professional and other networks. 

Among the most damaging reputations in China is to be known as bu gei mianzi, which makes one who doesn’t care to give face. Losing face is a serious thing compared to suffering from shame or embarrassment. It is like losing an individual’s place in life. A complete loss of face means that you are not a person to your family as well as to your close friends. 

On the other hand, gaining face is important to nurture your bonds in the community. It is also important to gain respect from professional people and foreign businessperson. If you want to preserve your ego, you must display polite behavior and listen carefully as you talk to other people. You must also act as a role model for an ethically and professionally. 

If you plan to visit China, it is necessary to learn about the concept of face. With this, you can avoid possible problems in the future. To help you with this matter, the following are some helpful advice to build face in Asia. 


How to build face in Asia

  • Give a sincere compliment to others

  • If you can do something to help others from losing face, then you can meet new friends

  • Don’t put too much attention to yourself and be humble

  • Give a simple gift of appreciation if someone invites you to their residence

  • Accept business card with your both hands

  • Don’t act rude or disrespectful in front of others 

The concept of showing face has a lot to do with the self-esteem and ego of Asians. Asians always value their self-worth. Thus, they always want to maintain a good reputation in public. With this, you must be careful in your behavior and actions to keep a face in Asia. If you want to be respected by other people, you must also learn to respect them. 

Travelers must know how to deal with different kinds of people in Asia. It is essential to maintain the trust and respect of other people to you. It is, therefore, advisable for you to apply discipline to yourself when you are dealing with Asians. 

Having a face in Asia means preserving dignity. So, you must always be respectful with Asian people. It will give you incredible dividends.  


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Pattarasuda Siripan
Pattarasuda Siripan
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