Sunday, December 3, 2023

Samui Elephant Haven and the Art in Mind community present an extraordinary exhibition of children’s paintings and drawings depicting the worlds largest land mammal: the elephant.

Samui Elephant Haven embraces local children’s talent from the remarkable Art in Mind Art School and Garden. Patcharin Chuanlakorn, fondly known as Gae heads up the beautiful after-school artists club where she helps her students develop their natural artistic talents. Her students range from three to 16 years old. Under her guidance, each of the children steps into the shoes of an elephant and understands what it means to be free and safe after a difficult life in trekking. Each child interprets the feeling of joy and the ability to roam, chain free.

A special Christmas art-class is hosted by Gae for a limited number of children, allowing them the opportunity to explore their hidden talents and creativity.  Art in Mind provides reusable tote bags for each child to paint on and take home. A beautiful Christmas present for an overseas grandparent perhaps?

During the last school term, Gae’s students have focused on painting beautiful elephants on, and in a range of mediums. They have been encouraged to explore colour, texture and scale. Each of the spectacular pictures has been framed and is ready to hang. An auctioneer will take bids from hungry art collectors from the room and by telephone. The proceeds are split between the talented artists and Samui Elephant Haven for future rescue projects and new enclosures for the bull elephants.

Samui Elephant Haven founder Maew Suriya said “I’m thrilled that we are having another event for our community. Not only does it serve to provide an education to children [and parents] about the plight of elephants in captivity; but it brings the community closer together. Our last event was such a success with almost 100 attendees gathering to hear 11-year-old author Ellie read her book to us. Spaces are limited, so please ensure that you book early”.

For more information and bookings, email info@samuielephanthaven.org.


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