Recovering in Thailand

Recovering in Thailand

Recovering in Thailand

Esméralda P. Torres has an extraordinary vitality and dynamism about her.  Although she inherited her mothers gift of clairvoyance at a very young age, it wasn’t until many years later that she would find her calling in the world of energy and healing.  Most of her adult business life had been spent juggling Asian countries while forging relationships with European small to medium enterprises as a senior advisor.

At the beginning of her healing career and a by-chance discovery led Esme to appreciate her inherent and natural healing skills called Magnetism Healing.  She was in Dubai on a business trip when a client expressed that she was not feeling at all well – she was en route to Paris for urgent surgery.  Subconsciously and led by intuition, Esme laid her hands on the client's body – just as healers do in the movies.  The client cancelled her scheduled flight to France the very next day: she experienced a massive sense of release and miraculously felt well again.

For many years, Esme has practised meditation and Bikram yoga and believes that this grounding has given her the ability to tap into her healing powers and intuition.  Esme was initially a little apprehensive at the discovery of her skills; her practice was limited to close friends and family; those whom she knew would be blatantly honest.  Although she does not have a scientific background,  her intuition has led her to cure a whole host of problems including back pain, skin conditions namely herpes and psoriasis, insomnia, depression and alcohol addictions.  Deep meditation has caused Esme to have a sensitivity that she can only describe as feeling out of sorts and becoming more aware of sounds that she likens to that of a mermaid.

Over hundreds of hours of practice, Esme went on to study Reiki and was mentored by some of the industries most excellent practitioners; Esme was able to combine these elements with her intuition which led to profound healing of the mind, body and spirit.  Her clairvoyance gift would occasionally afford her to receive messages from the spirit world, and the patients would be amazed as these messages often linked to the blockages that they were experiencing, these messages often appear as images.  

Esme explained “Anyone can learn Japanese Reiki and have the aptitude of being able to channel energy from the universe.  Magnetic Healing is entirely different.  As a healer, it ‘feels’ different.  I can feel strong vibrations from dysfunctional or injured areas of the body: healthy, and weak organs and bones vibrate differently.   I channel my energy into this healing process.  Magnetic Healing can leave me feeling spent and exhausted”.

What is the difference between the two?  Reiki transmits universal energy via the Reiki practitioner to a specific problem of the patient.  The magnetizer, on the other hand, has magnetism in his or her hands that allows healing through their own energy.  Once the initial pain is removed, the healer will also explore mechanical and energetic causes of the problem. 


She is inspired and fascinated by autism having watched the 1998 Bruce Willis film ‘Mercury Rising’.  Esme and her calm nature have enabled her to make vast differences in the lives of children with this illness.  She starts each session with gentle psychological analysis and support; her intuition has brought her to help the autistic community in Phuket.


“My pleasure for energy care led me to initiate a second career: psychology.  I am studying overseas an intervention autism programme based on evidence and practices such as Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). I aim to gradually improve my knowledge in the field of Autism Syndrome Disorder; currently, 95% of my clients come from overseas.  My goal is to treat my clients with alternative medicine and offer them support.  I thank life for leading me on this new path. Every passing day, I experience a deep peace inside myself. I also understand that we all have a destiny in spite of the choices we make”.

One of her clients shared insights and a review with Asia Lifestyle Magazine “A Truly Amazing Experience.  It is not often in life that one can meet a new person that changes your life. Esme is one such person. She has been treating my family for the past couple of months. Having been someone open-minded but not a believer in energy healing, I am now a total convert.  Esme has treated my wife, son, and myself over the last couple of months, and the results have been nothing short of a miracle. We feel balanced, happy, and confident after two to three sessions each. Our son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, has started to show positive signs even after only one brief session. Aside from her healing sessions, Esme is a kind soul; she has been very understanding and is always ready to make time for my family.”