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New Animal Hospital, Hug Me, Introduces First CT Scanner In Southern Thailand

New 24 Hour Animal Hospital With CT Scan in Phuket

In the heart of Phuket, the new pet hospital in Cherngtalay, Amphoe Thalang, introduces the first CT scanner in southern Thailand for sick or injured animals requiring urgent life-saving diagnosis.

The computerised tomography (CT) scanner provides veterinary surgeons with clear, detailed images that combine a series of x-ray pictures taken from different angles around your pet’s body. The cross-sectional images, or slices, can highlight abnormalities in bones, blood vessels and soft tissues, which could easily go unnoticed and therefore untreated. A CT scan is beneficial when treating animals who have suffered from trauma from an accident or to diagnose diseases. Hug Me vets will utilise the CT scanner to plan major medical, surgical or radiation treatments.

CT Scanner at Hug Me Animal Hospital - Phuket
CT Scanner at Hug Me Animal Hospital – Phuket

The state-of-the-art animal hospital has four examination rooms; two for felines and two for canines. There are emergency rooms, high-tech surgical theatres, a full blood laboratory, an x-ray room and a CT room. There is also a quarantine centre and various recovery wards for cats and dogs.

Marc Luton at Hug Me Animal Hospital
Marc Luton at Hug Me Animal Hospital

The founders of Hug Me pet brand Marc Luton from the UK and Donethy Chan from Hong Kong, have collectively lived in Phuket for almost two decades. They have adopted 28 cats and 10 dogs abandoned by their owners and provided them with a safe and loving home. They tirelessly help some of the smaller animal rescue groups on Thailand’s biggest island. With so many pets of their own and working with numerous rescue centres, they’ve used every clinic on the island. Marc and Donethy, alongside some Thai partners, founded Hug Me to bridge the technology gap with vital equipment, offer 24-hour care and employ the best vets and nurses.

24 hour animal hospital Phuket
24 hour animal hospital Phuket

Hug Me animal hospital was born from a desire to provide the best possible care for animals. It’s taken several years to imagine, build and staff. Over THB 20 million ($615,000)  has been invested into the hospital. Marc and Donethy have employed some of the most experienced veterinary surgeons from across the world and Thailand. 

Currently, the veterinary surgeons are undergoing intensive CT scanner training. Hug Me animal hospital, and their vets work closely with Bangkok Chulalongkorn University professors for their professional diagnosis. Marc and Donethy have forged a strong working relationship with the University, which will provide ongoing support if necessary. 

Marc Luton says, “After many years imagining Hug Me animal hospital, Donethy and I are thrilled to have finally opened our doors. We strive to provide an exceptional health service for as many animals as possible. A CT scanner will allow an immediate diagnosis of an injury or illness, and such early detection will save many lives and much suffering”.

There is a Hug Me pet café and animal hotel close by.


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