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Navigating a Business in Post Covid Asia

The first half of 2020 being so eventful, I shudder to think what a second wave will do to economies and livelihoods across the world. Like other entrepreneurs and self-employed person with a business in Asia. We got hit by Covid-19 fallout. Faced with hard choices at every turn. 

Tourism was the main flow of income for my entire adult life. As people throw around the phrase ‘new normal’ repeatedly, there’s an elephant in the room. Do we wait, trying to ride out the storm, or drop everything and look for something new?

Tourism related businesses will return, it’s just a question of when. 

Personally, I was hit hard by the economic shockwave. Caught with my proverbial trousers down, right in the middle of a new tourist reliant startup, sadly just before I was about to see a much needed return of investment.

Faced with the expected outgoings a business owner has, along with the responsibility of raising 3 children, I rightly went through all the emotions of lockdown, ups, downs, lefts and rights. Going from being an avid networker, having 4 to 5 meetings a day with multiple income streams, dropping to a big fat zero.

Speaking with friends all over the world, it’s clear that everyone has been affected in different ways. An important point for me snapping out of my self pity party, was realising that life goes on. People still have money and it may not be business as usual but there’s still business.

Economic uncertainty has seen nearly every business employing the oldest sales trick in the book, discounts. Everywhere you look, there is a price drop, an offer, a deal to ensure sales keep going.

Being frugal is the ‘new normal’ for the masses and dropping prices is the weapon of choice for businesses to attract them. 

If a business has endless funds then they can target consumers with ads, facebook, instagram, google etc. Ad campaigns however can be money pits that might not be appealing to small businesses coping with struggles of the post covid-19 market. 

The consumers are out there, it’s just finding them.

It doesn’t matter how much money someone has, everyone loves getting a good deal. Buying a simple meal, renting a car or finding someone to paint your house, it doesn’t matter, price is everything.

Finding a business nowadays is simple, just google what you want and see your choices show up. It doesn’t however show businesses are giving discounts. 

Discounts Asia

Until now Asia didn’t have a discount directory. For businesses to survive, advertising in every available space online is essential for survival. 

There’s a new space that I have created. Discounts Asia is my attempt at a Discount Directory. Hopefully helping people find the best deals and give business owners a space to advertise their special offers

Signing up is free, and the tools are exactly what is needed for businesses to thrive in today’s market. 

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Asa Marsh
Asa Marshhttps://www.asialifestylemagazine.com/
Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Asia Lifestyle Magazine.Originally from the UK, Asa Marsh has been based in Asia for many years. Well known for guiding his Real Estate and Lifestyle company Easy Living Phuket to win the title of “Top 10 Real Estate Agency - Southeast Asia” in 2018.

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