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Life of a Migrant Worker

Life of a Migrant Worker

Do you have any idea about migration? Have you heard or experienced this one? Do you plan to migrate?

Defining Migration

Migration refers to the way of moving from a native place to another one. It is “the act of living in another country.” Migration is being done by lots of people across the world due to varying reasons. These reasons are what inspire an individual or a family to migrate to another place. One of those is due to the career or work. Millions of people across the world leave their native homes to look for decent and much better opportunities in life abroad. 

Overseas working had never been a new one to the people. This is a great choice to fight against poverty rooting from the native country. Overseas workers are trying to look for the spotlight for the betterment of their lives.  Overseas workers who had found their careers abroad are prone to migration. Depending on the career they have, migration can never be impossible. But what kind of life are they experiencing abroad? Is it any good? To find it all out, here are some of the effects both positive and negative generated by migration.


Positive Effects

1.    Improves the Quality of Life

Having a decent job abroad is an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of life. This is because most of the migrant workers do not see any satisfying job that they can acquire in their own native country. Other regions or countries can be an ideal place for them, especially in the skills or educational background they have. 

2.    Offers More Opportunities

When we talk about opportunities, it encompasses diverse fields. It includes opportunities in education, health facilities, leisure, jobs, and many more. Other regions have the qualities of the needed institutions by the migrants that they can’t find in their own country. These opportunities then improve the quality of their living. 

3.    Improves Social Life

Social life is one of the fundamental aspects needed by an individual to live effectively. Working and migration to other places can open doors of opportunities to meet other people and improve social life.  

Negative Effects

1.    Exploitation

Exploitation is one of the worst nightmares that any migrant can face. Problems with the migration documents and other else are the main reasons for exploitation. 

2.    Poverty

Not all of the migrants are ensured with an improved life. Some migrants still experience poverty in other places. Loss of job and opportunities increases the rate of poverty among migrant workers. This is a serious problem being faced by some of the migrant workers. 

3.    Loss of Contact to the Native Culture and Tradition

Migrant workers migrate for years, depending on their contract and job. It can reach for years and even decades living abroad. Given this, the potentiality of losing contact with the native culture and tradition is at risk. Migrants sometimes tend to forget the culture and traditions they have in their native place. Due to their adaptation and adjustment to the new environment, mixed beliefs are being acquired. 


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