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Not in at the deep end

Dive Butler and Life Butler are pioneers in providing impeccable butler service for travellers and divers that crave exceptional service and experiences that are indeed superlative. The Butlers have access to a wealth of sailing yachts, superyachts, mesmerising villas and residences in the most sought after destinations across mysterious lands and oceans.

Whether the Butlers have their feet rooted firmly on the ground or are chartering clear cyan seas, their knowledge is, without doubt, exceptional and they aim to provide guests with an unforgettable journey full of adventure and indulgence. The Butlers are multilingual and are ambassadors of their local communities; they have first-hand knowledge of the most beautiful dive sites, picture-perfect locations to explore, tasty eateries and the freshest ingredients for chefs to prepare back at base.

No two journeys are the same.  Each thoughtfully compiled itinerary is put together by Alexis Vincent’s highly efficient team of advisors.  They will listen at great length to understand the guest’s desires and requirements and prepare a voyage that entwines the magic of local knowledge with a discreet element of surprise.  Every step of the journey is made with care by the Butlers; SCUBA education can take dive experiences to new heights, trips can be enhanced with marine biologists and underwater videographers.  Equipment is assembled, disassembled and cleaned for the client for a real luxury scuba diving experience.

Alexis Vincent, the founder and managing director of Dive Butler and Life Butler, is dedicated to ensuring that his client’s expectations are always exceeded.  “There is no better feeling than being at sea, with no other boat or resort in sight knowing that nobody has dived there for years, or maybe even ever”.  Dive Butler’s objective is to provide safe, seamless, luxury SCUBA diving services to new, beginner and experienced SCUBA divers alike, in an atmosphere of trust, focusing strongly on service, safety, environmental awareness and conservation.  “Only through collaboration, connection and a strong intention on making a positive impact on each others lives will humanity move forward and evolve”

Across the world are leaders with the knowledge and dedication to enriching peoples lives. Inspirational and life-changing journeys are hand-crafted for guests that take them on a personal path of discovery: transformational and carefully designed niche retreats are the beginning of an enlightening road to health and happiness.  The retreats focus on connecting with the self and others, that are immersive, fun and empowering. They prioritise health and awareness, feed the body and soul, and offer the opportunity to relax and laugh together.  A safe space is provided to ensure individual needs are met whilst enjoying supportive company and camaraderie. 

Life Butlers are likened to a rare elixir and are matched carefully to their client’s with empathy and understanding.  They form the mainstay of the journey and are experts in their fields.  Guests may wish to employ a Butler to accompany them on a trip in a new environment, to guide them through yoga salutations at sunrise, to teach them how to take enchanted photographs or to learn about fine wines with world-class sommeliers.  The expertise and experiences that guests can have with Dive Butler and Life Butler are seemingly endless.  Never will a day be repeated.