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Lark & Ives; Vegan Accessories

Lark & Ives; Two multi-citizenship women craft vegan travel and home accessories with thoughtful function to combat animal exploitation

Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, People’s Magazine, Over the Moon by Vogue, Martha Stewart, The Knot Magazine, Brides Magazine, and Style Me Pretty nod their appreciation to the carefully curated Lark & Ives collection of vegan leather travel accessories and chandlery products.

Heather Siu and Karla Lim are no strangers to fashion runways, luxury goods and production houses. Siu and Lim are the young, entrepreneurial founders of Lark & Ives; a rapidly expanding travel accessories eCommerce brand build on compassion for animals and the environment. Their forward-thinking, multi-cultural heritage allows them to leverage the best from Eastern and Western cultures. Moreover, their compassionate and complementary personalities have led Lark & Ives to be positively recognized by fashion’s harshest critics – the media.

Lark & Ives, eponymous for sanguine migratory birds, symbolize Siu and Lim, the two spirited women behind the vegan brand. The collection is made by women for women. Each design seamlessly considers the busy contemporary woman as she impeccably juggles family life, home, work and love. The designs are always intentional and embrace beauty and kindness, which translate into practical and must-have totes. Lark & Ives products take women from the childminder to the boardroom and onto a stylish night out. Founded in 2017, Lark & Ives has gone from strength to strength, producing bags and well-considered accessories for consumers across the globe.

The high-quality vegan leather totes, bags and accessories come in a well-curated collection of muted colours and minimalist designs. The designers have intelligently considered the transitional phases of a woman’s day and created a beautifully crafted line of stylish and purposeful products for buyers who demand sustainable products.

Founders Heather Siu and Karla Lim boast multi-citizenships and international experience that afford them a unique global understanding of people, cultures and commercial challenges. The products are made in Asia and aligned with their successful vertically integrated business model. Their innovative service has a rare thoughtfulness; their business intentions and personal beliefs are intricately woven together to create a positive future.

Heather is a tri-lingual Hongkonger born and raised in Vancouver. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science, Statistics and Diploma of Urban Land Economics. Her family are successful ethical manufacturers. Heather does everything with intent, whether empowering fellow women, choosing multifarious ethical routes or fostering care for animals in need.

Karla is a Filipino residing in Vancouver. She speaks fluent Hokkien, Filipino and English. She understands various cultures and is well-endorsed throughout North America for her branding and design proficiencies. Her family runs a successful construction material enterprise and has a keen understanding of e-commerce and diverse marketing strategies. She has an exceptional understanding of fashion and is a true trailblazer when seeking out new trends.

Siu and Lim have an innate love of thought-provoking aromas, candles and a sense of home. So they created Arte Myrtle as an extension of Lark & Ives; the chandlery explores fine art, sweet floral scents and muted hues synonymous with exploration. Inspired by glorious venues and love-inspired journeys, hand-fashioned Arte Myrtle candles bring serenity and a sense of bliss into any home.

Harper’s Bazaar Top 100 chose the Arte Myrtle She Inspires Candle in Vie in the Home category. Jessica Matlin, Beauty Director, describes, “this candle fills the room with the scent of orange blossom, and I love that a portion of the company’s proceeds supports female refugees.” The candles not only create warmth in a home but provides a home for those that have lost theirs.

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