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Kat Jones – Talented Artists in Asia

Gifted artist Kat Jones, admired for her creation everywhere she goes. Kat has made a name for herself across Thailand. Being commissioned all over the region to bring businesses to life with entire wall size murals. While she produces a variety of her own artwork from small illustrations to large abstract paintings, Kat accepts commissions on a case by case basis.

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At some point in Kat Jones’s youth, she decided on becoming an artist and never strayed from that ambition. Making her art, a lifelong passion.

Over the years, having worked with any mediums she could get her hands on, oils, acrylics, watercolours, gouache, charcoal, pastels, ink, colour pencils, and graphite. Being naturally curious, playful and always experimenting with techniques and styles led to a rather chameleon-like body of work.

Having a great love for abstract art, both making it and viewing it, abstract will always be a constant in Kat Jones art. 

“My mediums have changed over the years and at the moment I’m right into pen, ink and watercolours – although pen and ink have always had a special place in my heart”

When creating her own uncommissioned personal artwork, Kat says she never has a plan. “Whether I start with a splash of ink or a drawn shape, I will go straight in with no idea how it’s going to end up” This inventive process is fueled by the belief that having a plan or draft might kill any initial passion about the idea “Most of my passion for creating art resides in the very process of making it – not the end result.”

Kat Jones says that every piece ends up the way it is mostly by accident. “I let the piece guide me. Every line, dot, or shape I add depends on whether I’m happy with the composition in that particular moment” Through this process, the piece slowly grows and evolves into what it eventually becomes. “The only thing I have to worry about is when to stop so that I’ve created a composition and balance that truly appeals to me”

In between Commissions, Kat sporadically organises pop-up classes and events, the latest of which will be held inside an Elephant sanctuary, hoping to raise some money towards the charity. 

“Once the weather breaks I’ll be taking a group to draw elephants in a beautiful natural reserve in Chalong. The fee for the session will go directly to help support and feed these majestic animals, who have been rescued from the tourist industry. I will put an event up on facebook as soon as I confirm dates”

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