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How Do Asian’s See Foreigners?

Most Asians see foreigners as a different kind of person. It is because every one of them has a different language, culture, traditions, identity, and even their personality. Everyone has its uniqueness. In spite of these, most Asians remain to be friendly to foreigners. They still give the utmost respect towards foreigners. 


Other Asians view foreigners as their companion. Being friendly Asians, they treat foreigners just like their other Asian friends. Some international students have to choose to enroll in Asian schools and Asian students build a friendship around them. Asians can tour their foreign friends and show the beauty and great things around the country. They can cook local foods in their country to give them to their foreign friends to taste it and give their thoughts about the food.  Also, it can foreigners build relationships with Asian countries. For instance, a male foreigner may be attracted to an Asian lady. Most foreigners are attracted to the unique beauty and personality of Asian ladies. Today, people can see everywhere a foreigner and an Asian having their relationship.  


A few Asians see foreigners as wealthy individuals. Yes, few had made a perspective of it. This is maybe because of the foreigners that can afford to go to their countries. They may have this kind of perspective because they see some foreigners having nice clothes and having meals at an expensive restaurant or having an expensive car. However, there are also a few that see foreigners having low status in life. It is due to what they see, for instance, a foreigner who lives in a slum or having dirty work. These foreigners may be just unlucky of their lives or they got some status problems.


Sometimes Asians view foreigners as a person who can help them in achieving their goals. For instance, a foreigner knows using software or how to fix many things. Foreigners pave the way for Asians to have a great business. Some foreigners lend money to Asians to make as an investment. Asians believe that foreigners are a great help for them.

Regardless of how Asians see foreigners or how foreigners see Asians, both of them must remain to be a good person. Respect begets respect if one another has respect and care for each other, they can build stronger relationships. This is what the world needs today. Not just Asians but all humans in the world must have humanity. Showing good deeds and respecting all the differences of individuals whether what country they came from is all that matters.