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Rainy Season Blues? 6 Health and Wellness Boosters to Calm your Mind and Soul.

Health & Wellness Boosters - Meditation

Our top tips on how to stay healthy, happy and beat those blues away!

It’s been rainy season (Summer!) in SE Asia for almost 5 months now. The unpredictability and near constant grey skies of the monsoon are enough to bring even the most buoyant souls down with a bump. While there is certainly enthusiasm over the impending dry season, it still feels a long way off, so…

1.Put some ‘feel good’ music on and dance as if no-one’s watching…

Unless you’re a professional dancer, hopefully no-one IS watching… if they are, give yourself some space so you don’t accidentally poke someone’s eye out with your elbow.

Okay, no, seriously though…

2. Buy some plants.

A little bit of greenery brightens up any space and breathes natural energy into stagnant minds and spaces. Grab yourself a vine or palm, pop it in the garden to suck up all that water and by dry season you will have the start of your very own miniature Jungle. Scientific studies suggest that even just looking at a plant can lower stress levels and improve mood, but it probably has more to do with the satisfaction of nurturing.

3. Send a meaningful text, or take the time to call an old friend.

Send a sincere compliment to a friend. It’s a quick and thoughtful way to perform an act of kindness that can boost the mood of the receiver and you too! Research has shown that such random acts of kindness can increase life satisfaction.

Take some time from your day to connect with an old friend or extended family that you haven’t spoken to for a while. Our busy, modern lives can draw us far away from our loved ones and leave us feeling disengaged, lonely and withdrawn. Make a cup of tea, and relax over a healthy catch-up.

4. Be picky.

It can be hard to ‘say no’,  and you can find yourself unintentionally burning the candle at both ends as a result. Remember that you’re not a machine and you may not be able to do ‘everything’ and that’s okay! When you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a request of your time or energy, take a moment to consider if it takes you closer or further away from who your want to be or from what’s important to you.

5. Tackle clutter.

Prioritize on your hallway, or the entrance to your home. When you walk into a house full of clutter, it immediately unsettles your mind.  Whereas when you walk into a tidy, organized space, it instantly calms you and helps you to relax.

6. Find a fitness friend.

Building a connection with an existing or new friend over the mutual accomplishment of fitness goals has multiple physical and mental health benefits. The growth of the friendship and your overall fitness will provide all those beautiful ‘feel good’ hormones that we are lacking at this time of year. Outdoor pursuits might prove a little soggy, but the risks of sun exposure and heat are at least reduced!

(If none of the above work, then revert back to the first tip and turn the music up a notch…)

Doing one small thing every day can make a big difference to your overall health and make you feel calmer, happier and brighter. We would love to hear your thoughts on blues bashing solutions, so let us know what you think in the comments below!


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