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Girl on Fire – Aarti Saikia

As we enter March, the third month of the year and leave the cool season behind, things are heating up all over Thailand, in more ways than one. The government has released news of gradually relaxing the strict lockdown in force across Bangkok – and the country – which has been due to the global pandemic. Light the lights! Dust off your best clothes! Get ready to join your friends again!

One of the first events post-restrictions is going to put a sparkle back into your life, with the live performance of ‘Flames of Aarti’ by diva, dancer and poet, the enigmatic and delightfully mysterious Aarti Saikia. Flames of Aarti is conceptualized as a contemporary theatre presentation, infused with cultural mores from around the world.

This event (that you really don’t want to miss) is presented by The Siam Society in partnership with the Embassy of India in Thailand, and is actually the very first contemporary performance of ‘Poetry in Motion’ to be staged at the prestigious Siam Society. Although previous iterations of the show have been well-received by patrons of the arts at several other venues around Bangkok. The work is all Aarti’s, from the ground up. She has choreographed the dance, written the prose, chosen the styling and apparel, and collaborated closely with the musicians who are part of the performance. The musical part of the show is with ‘Tiger Drum, Thailand’, and the musicians have combined with Aarti to create a captivating mix of world music. The score complements perfectly the onstage performance
of this wonderful artiste, whose shows are always distinctly memorable.

Says Aarti, “It’s a newly adapted presentation of my work ‘Poetry in Motion’, although I have retained some elements of the classic style. It’s an infusion of methods in a contemporary setting. Many years of artistic endeavor have gone into the creation of this special piece, which continues to evolve. It will be a dynamic and exciting unfolding of artistic blends.”

The Siam Society (under Royal Patronage) was established in 1904 with a mission to promote knowledge of the culture, history, arts and natural sciences of Thailand, as well as those of neighboring  countries. This collaboration between Aarti, The Siam Society, and the Embassy of India clearly highlights the meaningful and enduring cultural and artistic ties that exist between Thailand and India. The co-sponsors of the event are Indorama Ventures, the Indian Association of Thailand (IAT), the Thai Sindhi Association (TSA), and Masala.

The Siam Society is pleased to have as its first event in 2021 ‘Flames of Aarti.’ Come along to enjoy a multi-level arts performance with your friends and the other distinguished guests who will be attending.

Date: 10th March 2021, Wednesday
Showtime: 7:00 pm (duration of show, 45 mins, no interval)
Reception: 6:30 pm (The reception is being hosted by the Embassy of India)
Venue: The Siam Society Auditorium

Due to Covid restrictions, seats are limited and prior booking of tickets is mandatory. There will be no sales at the door. The ticket price includes the reception, and food and drink. Also due to Covid restrictions, guests will maintain social distancing whilst seated in the indoor Auditorium. Contact for bookings: chuleeporn@thesiamsociety.org

Artistic Curator and Creative Director: Aarti Saikia
Concept and Art Design: Aarti Saikia

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