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Food Handouts Still Needed In Parts Of Thailand

Food Handouts Still Needed In Parts Of Thailand

As European countries are in their second round of lockdowns, Thailand still seems to have dodged a bullet for deaths and infections, but at what cost?

With the borders closed to regular tourism, sadly many parts of Thailand we know and love have turned into ghost towns, domestic tourism won’t save everyone. Food handouts are still needed in parts of thailand

Thailand’s GDP is estimated to be around 18% revenue from international tourism.

Parts of the country are severely struggling due to the fallout of no incoming international travelers. 

In July, Chief Santi Nantasuwan from the Phuket Provincial Employment Office estimated that Phuket’s jobless totalled some 10,000, aslo pointing out that more than 30,000 Thais already left Phuket, returning back to their home provinces.

Phuket for the time being has been transformed into an almost unrecognisable island. The beautiful pristine beaches have nearly no one on them, traffic is non-existent on the west coast and everywhere is cheap! For those with money in the Kingdom, it is an affordable paradise, better than ever before.

While the East coast of the island (traditionally the Thai side of the island) has gone back to relative normality, everything open and traffic during rush hour, food handouts on the West Coast are still a necessity for some hard stricken families.

Unofficial charities have been rallying food banks, handouts and emergency supplies for families with no chance of an income.

We spoke with one of the key figures behind a monumental coalition of food donations – Kath Cumming, a local expat on Phuket for many years. 

Asia Lifestyle Magazine witnessed an event organised by Kath Cumming, Khun Kan a local Thai and other expat parents, Nicola Lowry and Magali Rolland, amazingly supported by the local authorities, Le Meridien Hotel and children from British International School (BISP).

“people were giving donations in the beginning but unfortunately it’s slowed down or even stopped, this situation isn’t getting any better, today we managed to feed 400 families but there are more than 10,000 families that need food in this small area” Said Kath

You can support them by contacting (Help Phuket Today – here)