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Electricity cables in Thailand are going away soon.

             Electricity cables in Thailand are going away soon.

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world, with far superior infrastructure than some of its neighbors. So why is it that the electricity cables look so messy?

It’s a common sight to see, a sprawling mess of black cables along Thailand's inner towns and cities has become somewhat of a tourist attraction. 

The famed Bangla Road in Phuket has travelers taking pictures of the cables as much as the other sites to see.

Asia Lifestyle Magazine asked Mr. Chayanin Ngarnsampantharit – Head of Construction Work for Chalong Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) for some answers.


“Actually it’s not all Electricity cables. These are cables from about 19 communication companies that we have in Thailand. Internet, Fax, cable TV, Radio, etc. 

However more than half of them are dead cables. He said


“If you’re wondering how these companies can figure out which one is which? Easy, they don’t know either.”

“It’s been common practice for these companies to just put up a new cable instead of re-using an old cable. So what you see are mostly dead cables.”


When was it started? 


              Over the past 15 years, technology has developed so fast related to internet and communication. Planning ahead has been somewhat overlooked. Now however the Thai Government has stepped in and announced they will work with the communication companies, taking down the dead cables.

             So hopefully before 2020, Thailand will look more beautiful without a sea of ugly black cables hanging around in your Holiday Photos.

Thank you Mr. Chayanin Ngarnsampantharit Head of Operation department – Chalong Provincial Electricity Authority for this information.


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