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An Eastern place in Western homes

Frequently Hong Kong is described as the place where East meets West: where Chinese roots and British colonisations are woven seamlessly together, creating a sympathetic balance of traditional Chinese practices such as feng shui and modern life.  Today, Eastern traditions are practised across the region; Ba Gua mirrors are used to deflect evil spirits, and the number four is frequently absent due to its relationship to death.

Oriental Living has a diverse team that combines world-class talent from the East and West — founded over 25 years ago by Michael Dietvorst, who originally hales from the Netherlands.  Michael has an innate love of being able to combine various cultures, fabric, nature, and light into his designs: to create a seemingly smooth and cohesive blend of old art and modern furniture.

Michael has spent over 40 years traversing the region in search of unique furniture, carvings, antiques, and art: he has stumbled across talented artists both young and old and travels extensively buying for his two showrooms and clients in Koh Samui and Phuket.  Both islands boast a rich variety of condominiums and sprawling villas in traditional Thai design or more recently outside-inside living spaces that take advantage of the temperate climate.  He enjoys nothing more than creating a sense of balance within both styles of property: to have the ability to transform a dark teakwood house into a cosy home or transform vast spaces of blank white walls into a statement dwelling that oozes personality and should appear on the front cover of a lifestyle magazine.

Shoppers can wander into any of his showrooms and take advice from the Oriental Living team for striking ornaments, vibrant cushions and wall art that will brighten up any empty spaces; or discuss a full interior design brief that will transform any space, large or small.  Michael is currently working on updating the already breathtaking Residences by Anantara in Layan for billionaire Willian Heinecke.  In both stores, they have an ever-changing range of dining tables and chairs as well as sideboards, coffee tables, and lounge chairs plus a wide selection of hand made rugs and art.



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