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Cosplay Spreading Across South East Asia

Cosplay Spreading Across South East Asia

Have you ever tried dressing as your favorite character in movies or anime? Have you attended an event that showcases cosplay? 

Cosplay is coined from the two terms “costume” and “play,” which means dressing up like a character with their trending costume. This kind of activity had been dominating not only in Asia but also across the world. With the use of modern technology, it can be easily accessed and applied to life as a hobby. 

Cosplay originated in Japan where anime movies and characters have been rising continuously since its first creation. Lots of characters have been the basis of cosplayers for them to engage themselves in varying activities about cosplay. Whatever the costume may be, cosplay can adapt it easily. 

Also, cosplay is a way to express one’s self. It is a form of art that is considered by any cosplayer as a bridge for them to express their emotions and feelings. 

In southeast Asia, lots of people are already involved and interested in cosplay, especially the youth. With the continuous rise of anime and the fictional characters industry, cosplay is also able to spread its influence. A lot of reasons are also pushing cosplay as one of the most beneficial and successful industries across the world. Provided below are some of the reasons why a lot of people are getting engaged with the industry of cosplay. 


1.    Cosplay can make Money

If some aren’t aware, cosplay can make some money. A lot of cosplay players are now experiencing the success of what started as a hobby and grew as a passion and a source of income. Cosplay can make money through varying invitations, guesting, and promotions. Cosplayers are also given the chance to endorse freshly released characters, games, or other else. In terms of games, events and shows encompassing the dimension of its characters are being upheld to increase not just the sale but also the popularity of it. All of that can be done only through cosplayers showcasing the effectiveness and benefits of the game. 

2.    Cosplay can be a Business

Costumes used in cosplay aren’t always available in the leading stores or tailoring industries across the world. Due to people aren’t that interested in this kind of work or hobby, only a few are making it as a business. This is an opportunity to start a business wherein costumes and accessories used for cosplay events can be made and be rented or sold to cosplayers. This can be a way to achieve a successful business and life. 

Also, not just costumes, figurines, and merchandise featuring varying cosplay or characters can be good content of a business. Selling merchandise inspired by cosplay characters can be a hit to the market. With lots of people across the world engaged in cosplay and collects merchandises as a hobby, this business can be reach success easily.

Cosplay is indeed a dominant topic and idea which rooted from a simple one up to what it is now. It provided lots of people with inspiration, business ideas, and a hobby to make living worthwhile. 


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Pattarasuda Siripan
Pattarasuda Siripan
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